Autumn Interlude

It's cool outside today, and the leaves are falling.

It's been three months since you said yes, and I still can't stop smiling.

I think of that night often, kissing you under the stars, splashing in the water, and laughing...

There was so much laughing.

I'll never forget how beautiful you looked under the moonlight.

I'm sitting on our favorite park bench, waiting for you. I left you a note asking you to meet me, and I know you'll be here soon.

I look out over the lake. The waves are gently rippling, the sun's reflection moving effortlessly across the clear water.

It's cool outside, and the wind tiptoes across my face.

I hear someone coming. I don't have to look to know it's you. I glance down at my watch. Right on time, just like I knew you would be.

I quickly start walking towards you, and you smile.

You've been smiling a lot lately.

It's cool outside, and the birds are singing.

I take your hand, and we start walking. There's a wide cement path that runs all the way through the park. We've walked it numerous times the last three months.

Just last week, we were on this path....only we never finished our walk.

We got partway around the lake, and the urge to touch you, to hold you just became too great.

I pulled you into the woods, and there under the maple trees, we made out.

The thought of you, lying beneath me on a bed of red and yellow leaves brings a smile to my face, and you ask me what I'm thinking about.

I say nothing, but I can tell by the look on your face that you know exactly what I'm thinking of.

Suddenly you release your hand from mine, and take off into the woods. I call your name, but you keep running deeper and deeper among the trees.

And then you stop.

Unfortunately, I don't.

My forward momentum sends me crashing right into you, knocking us both into a pile of old branches and dried leaves.

You're lying on the ground with your face turned away from me, and I'm afraid you're hurt.

But then I hear it.


Uncontrollable laughter.

You're lying in a pile of dirty branches and dried out leaves, and you just can't stop giggling.

It's cool outside, and the squirrels are chattering.

I grab a handful of leaves and throw them at you and that makes you laugh even harder.

You grab your own handful and toss them in my direction, and before we know it, we're in a full-blown leaf fight.

The leaves and sticks are flying and we're laughing and I never felt more alive.

And then we stop.

We're both breathing heavily from our efforts, and for a moment we just sit. I see that you have a leaf stuck in your hair so I reach over to pull it out.

I take the leaf out of your hair, a golden one, and for a moment, time stops.

It's cool outside, and the clouds are blushing.

Your eyes lazily open, and you put your arms around my neck, pulling me in closer.

I press my forehead against yours, and for a while, we simply sit that way.

The wind is blowing, our arms are around each other, and it's all so easy.

The leaves are falling, and I find myself falling too.

Falling deeper in love than I ever imagined.

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