A Hotdog isn't an Ending

By: SyrupPixie

"It's already ten in the morning, practice is at eleven thirty and I need to meet Connie in thirty minutes, where are my skates?".

He finally found them under his severely overweight cat. "Tigger!" he yelled at the orange tabby, "stop doing that!" He left to meet Connie at the rink.

Guy's thoughts had been scattered ever since coach had suggested he play on the third line. It worried him that he might not get as much time on the ice with Connie as much as usual. With all the games they had lately that was their only chance to be together.

Today marked their anniversary. Six months since he compared her eyes to the blue ice by the goal lines and admired her easy passing techniques. To celebrate they were meeting in the locker room for a pre-game Powerade. Only one small problem stood in the way of their love.

"Where is it"? Guy wondered as he looked around the unfamiliar rink for clues. This was an away game and he hadn't been to this rink before. There was the sign pointing to the rest rooms and the upper decks and the ticket master and the gift shop and people buzzing all around.

"Excuse me" he said looking hopefully towards 3 large guys in jerseys who looked like they might be from the home team. "Um....where can I fid the visiting teams dressing room?" he asked. The boys smirked suddenly and then covered it up with a fake understanding smile.

"Oh that's easy to find" one said. "Go down that hallway, turn left, then left again, when you see a large cow make a right, then through the third door and then ask the guy at the hotdog stand where to go from there. If you see a large naked man holding a knife, you've gone too far. Guy was uncertain but went anyway only to return minutes later, holding a hotdog and a coke, with a ketchup stain across his shirt.

"I found the hot dog guy" he said "but he wasn't much help". The three teammates stared at him in disbelief.

"Hey, I think this kid is making fun of your false directions in an eerily ironic way," one warned.

"Get him!" exclaimed the third and Guy took off running. Most Mighty Duck fans would expect it to be a highly suspenseful chase with many a funny slip up, but in reality it ended quickly with an accident involving the three home team members, two mop buckets and one very confused ticket scalper. Guy walked around the building at a leisurely pace until finding Connie behind a door marked "Visiting Teams Dressing Room" in very official looking letters. He handed her the hot dog and drank the rest of the coke.

"Happy six month Anniversary, Connie," he said. She kissed him and replied:

"Hot dogs are fun."

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