Candlelight Dinner

"Oh!" Connie squeaked, jumping as another enormous clap of thunder shook the house, causing the lights to flicker.

"It's okay, beautiful," Guy soothed, tightening his arm around her comfortingly. The two were in Connie's family room taking a study break and watching a movie.

"I'm glad your mom called and told you to stay put until the storm blows over," Connie sighed, relaxing in his arms. "I'd sure hate for you to be out driving in this."

"It was nice of your mom to offer to let me stay over if this doesn't clear soon."

"She thinks you're a nice boy," Connie retorted, clearly implying that such was not the case.

"I'm nice," Guy pouted with mock petulance.

"Very nice," Connie agreed, running a hand appreciatively over a well-muscled arm as she leaned over to give him peck on the cheek.

Guy moved so as to capture her in a lingering kiss. His lips barely grazed Connie's when a flash of lightning turned night into day beyond the curtains, almost immediately followed by an earsplitting crash of thunder. Connie gave another startled yelp when the power went out. The two waited for a moment to see if the electricity would come back on; however, it was soon apparent that they were going to be in the dark for quite a while.

"Mm, give you any ideas?" Guy whispered thickly, his hands glossing down Connie's chest as he somehow found her throat and began kissing it.

"Guy, no," Connie said firmly, pushing him away. "My mom's in the next room."

As if on cue....

"Connie? Guy?" Mrs. Moreau called out, and the two retreated to opposite ends of the couch.

"Yeah, Mom?"

"You kids okay?"

"Yes, Mrs. Moreau."

"Good. I'm going to try and find the flashlight and emergency candles."

"Do you need any help, Mom?"

"That's all right, Sweetie. You two stay put; no sense in all of us tripping over the furniture."

"So...?" Guy prompted as Mrs. Moreau's steps faded away.

"She could be back at any moment," Connie reminded him even as she resumed her seat snuggled up next to him.

"I know."

In the total darkness, the two reached for each other, their mouths meeting in a tender kiss which quickly heated to passionate intensity with the knowledge that they didn't have much time. Hands flew over each other's body knowingly. Connie tugged at Guy's buttons even as he worked the shirt out of the waistband of her shorts. Connie's head canted back and she fought to contain her moan as Guy kissed his way down her neck even as his hands reached under her shirt to cup her nicely rounded breasts. She loved how his hands seemed to completely cover her as he squeezed ever so gently. It always amazed her at how gentle Guy could be for all his strength.

He was no stranger to her body and knew exactly how to play her, igniting her senses to a fever pitch. Normally, he liked to go slowly, letting her passions build gradually until she was absolutely wild with the desire to have him; however, he was presently doing his best to bring her to the brink as quickly as possible. His fingers pinched her perky nipples through her bra, his thumbs tracing circles around the straining buds. He dipped a finger inside her cups, teasing the soft, trembling flesh underneath.

"Guy!" Connie gasped softly as his mouth continued lower to nibble at her mounds through her shirt. "Don't. You'll leave a wet spot!"

"Have no fear," he assured her and rolled her tee up over her breasts. Next, he unhooked the front-close clasp and peeled the lingerie aside. He moaned quietly as he felt her naked skin beneath his hands. "I wish I could see you right now. I bet your eyes are all heavy and smoky; your breasts are probably heaving with your excitement, and I love the way you blush when I looked at you naked --you still do that, you know, and I think it's one of the most exciting things I've ever seen."

Connie could feel the heat in her cheeks at his words.

"Aahh!" Connie sighed exquisitely as Guy's hot mouth closed over her breast.

As Guy nursed like a baby, Connie found herself squirming in her seat. It just felt so incredible! She felt the waves of heated pleasure radiating out from the core of her womanhood. Every movement of Guy's tongue across her breast sent fiery ripples straight to her loins. She bit back her needy moans, not wanting to draw her mother's attention.

Guy began sliding a hand down her body, moving it slowly southward until it crept under the waistband of her shorts. She sucked in a sharp breath as his hand cupped her hot, wet sex. Connie couldn't help herself as her hips bucked against his hand in search of satisfaction. Guy slipped a finger under the edge of her panties to lightly stroke the moist pouting lips.

"Please, oh please, Guy," she whimpered in the barest of whispers. He just had to put his finger inside her. He just had to make her come!

"Ah, here we are!" Connie's mom declared, sending the two scuttling for the corners of the couch, hurriedly rearranging their clothes.

"Here are a couple of candles for you kids." She handed one to each teen over the back of the sofa.

"Thanks, Mom," Connie said as naturally as she could manage, though her voice was still husky with her need.

"Will you two have enough light to study by?"

"We'll be fine, Mrs. Moreau," Guy assured her, also sounding a little out of breath. Connie noticed the color in his cheeks and prayed her Mom mistook it for a trick of the flickering candlelight.

"If you need more candles, let me know. Hopefully, the power won't be out for very much longer," Mrs. Moreau mused pleasantly. "I'd best let you get back to your books."

"That was close," Connie groaned as her mother left.

"Do you think she'll be back for a while?" Guy queried.

"Probably not. She doesn't want to bother us while we're studying. Why?"

"Nothing much. I just suddenly had the urge for a little candle light dinner." He regarded her with a hopeful expression and eyes shining with desire.

"We really shouldn't...." she began hesitantly; however, a tiny grin quirked the corners of her mouth.


"... but right now, I really have the urge to be a candle light dinner!"

With a final glance at the doorway, Connie quickly unfastened her shorts; Guy sConniemed them and her panties down her hips and dropped them on the floor. As Connie reclined on the couch, she rolled her shirt up over her breasts.

"You really are awesome," Guy sighed appreciatively, his eyes traveling the length of her body; his hand did the same in a whispery caress. No matter how many times they'd made love, he always seemed to be filled with awe whenever he saw her naked. The shine in his eyes always filled her with an inexplicable warmth.

Connie massaged her breasts as Guy opened her up, propping one leg on the coffee table and resting the other on his shoulder. He wasted no time in burying his face in her damp curls. Connie sighed with perfect contentment as his tongue ran over her pink folds in slow, broad strokes. Then, he quickened the pace without the usual foreplay --not that she really needed it. She could still feel her orgasm simmering on the back burner as his tongue stirred her senses anew. With sure licking and sucking, he tantalized her clit until it throbbed with all her teeming desires. The explosion was swiftly building; already she was grinding her pubis on his chin. Her thighs tightened around his head, and as one hand urged him deeper into the depths of her sex, the other grabbed one of the small throw pillows. She buried her face in it to muffle her cries that were beginning to crescendo out of control.

At just the right moment, Guy thrust a pair of fingers into her juicy pussy. Her muscles clamped down hard as her climax tore threw her with all the force of the storm still raging outside. She screamed long and loud into the cushion as her body convulsed around Guy's fingers and tongue. He rode out the tempest of her orgasm until her floodgates ran dry and all was calm again.

"That seemed like a good one," he murmured glibly as he uncovered her face.

"Uh huh," Connie gulped, all but insensible. She watched as he made quite a show of licking her come from his sticky digits and lips. "Liked your dinner?" she queried weakly but with a glowing smile.

"Mm, definitely, but this was just the appetizer. I'm ready for the main course."

"Hey, I haven't had any appetizers yet!"

Connie pried herself off the sofa and leaned into Guy, flattening him against his side of the couch. She finished opening his shirt, pausing to appreciate the burnished glow of his skin in the candle light before pressing naked chest to his. She loved the feel of his warm, hard chest naked against hers. She also ran a hand across the hardened ridge of his arousal as it strained to escape its confines. Skipping the playful preliminaries, Connie briefly slipped him her tongue then got down to business. She peeled his jeans off as deftly as he had undressed her. His cock sprang free eagerly. Her eyes were bright, and there was more than a little hunger in her appreciative smile as she ran her gaze over his erection. Her hand traveled over his filling length, and she longed to feel its power pulsing within her. Caressing his balls, then his shaft again, she sought to imprint the feel of him on her senses. Lowering her head to his groin, she noticed a clear drop of liquid oozing from the velvety tip. Guy was as hot and ready as she had been! Connie ran the head over her lips, coating them with his precum as if it was lip-gloss.

"Connie...." Guy begged in a strained whisper. She held his deep dark gaze with her own as she extended her tongue in a torturously slow lick. Guy dug his fingers into the sofa, bracing for her next stroke, only it never came. Instead, she pressed the tip to her lips them completely engulfed him in her mouth.

"Oohh!" he rumbled, having to grab a muffling pillow as she steadily worked him in and out of her mouth. It was going to be a fast one, she knew; Guy was already trying to fuck her mouth. Normally when he hit it this quickly, she'd try to prolong the inevitable explosion, but his time, considering the risks, she decided to go for broke. Lightly cupping his balls, she pressed a finger to the base of his organ, finding his most sensitive spot.

"Oh shit!" he groaned so loudly the pillow couldn't dampen all his exclamation.

Connie hollowed out her mouth, increasing her suction and tempo. She felt Guy's body go rigid, felt the tightening and surging in his balls. In her mouth, his cock swelled, threatening to choke her, but she only needed to last a moment longer.

Guy's climax had been as volcanic as her own. A final thrust of his hips sent his cock deep in her throat even as his hand urged her head down. He shot several forceful blasts of hot, salty come into her mouth, and she sucked up his offering greedily. It was her turn to stroke and soothe his body until his trembling ceased.

"Oh wow," was all he could manage.

"That was a heck of an appetizer," she jibed.

"Ready for the main course?"

"Sure, but you're not."

"Give me a couple of minutes, and I will be," he promised, pulling her into his arms and cupping her bottom as he pressed her hips into his. She chuckled throatily as his mouth sought hers.

However, as they began to lose themselves in a heated kiss, the power flickered. They jumped apart and hastily tossed on their clothing as the lights came up for good.

"Damn," Connie murmured, still trying to tug her bra into place. Guy bent down and picked up something --her panties. With an exasperated huff, she stuffed them into her pocket.

"It's almost a shame to have to blow these out," Guy said as he extinguished the first candle. "You sure looked great by candle light --tasted great, too. The best candle light dinner I've ever had." His eyes twinkled with mischief.

"You weren't so too bad yourself," Connie agreed, blowing out the other one. "Too bad about the main course, though."

"I guess we'll just have to take a rain check."

"Looks like the lights are here to stay," Connie's mom called from the kitchen. "How goes it with the studying? Anyone in the mood for some munchies?"

Connie didn't dare look at Guy, but she couldn't help it, and the two fell off the couch laughing.

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