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The Questions for John Hawkes

These are the questions that have been asked in an informal poll and in emails to this site. Actually, I think the main questions I really get asked are, 'How old is John Hawkes, and is he married?' Or 'does he have a girlfriend??'

Site Visitors Questions:

  1. Why did you change your last name to Hawkes?
  2. As an actor, What would be your choice for a good meaty monologue for an audition? Gender Specific.
  3. How do I get a copy of Nimrod Soul??
  4. A lady waiting at a bus stop in Australia is in serious need of a cigarette. She wants to know if you have a light.
  5. I can't paraphrase this, so it's a direct quote: "Hey wow, I'm - uh - a big fan, of - uh, Butthole Surfers. Ummm - uh, I saw you in this western where you - uh - got shot in the ass and - uh, that boat movie, yeah - wicked bad storm and ummmm - I forgot what I was going to ask. Uh, do you know what time it is? ( Now I slump slowly away, swearing to myself and mumbling what a complete jackass I am......) "
  6. How old are you? Different sources throughout the site (guestbook, Echo Press articles, Webb Article) and elsewhere point to early forties.
  7. Are you married? According to the article by Rebecca Webb, at the moment, no.
  8. If not, do you have a girl friend?
  9. How tall are you? Hawk-eyed people have guessed 5'9".
  10. Do you play the drums?
  11. Is there a fan club?
  12. Is there an address to write you?
  13. Which song do you like better, "Lust for Life" or "God Save the Queen?"
  14. What do you think about being nicknamed 'Spunky'?
  15. Was that you on The Dinosaurs TV show, or was that another John Hawkes?
    "The Clip Show II" (Season Three)
    gs: Paxton Whitehead [ Sir David Tushingham ], Bill Baretta [ Nick ], Cynthia Mace [ Myrna ], John Hawkes [ Andrew ], Carcy Lee [ Kathy ], Jeffrey Lampert [ Ted ], Holly Atkinson [ Julie ], Rick Zieff [ Guard ], David Wohl [ Game Show Host ], Jessica Lundy [ Sitcom Wife ]rc: Monica

    A look at another paleontologist's erroneous theories about the domestic life of the dinosaurs, illustrated with clips from previous episodes and presented as an infomercial for the "Great Paleontologists' Home Study Course".
    b: 2 Jul 93 pc: D359 w: David A. Caplan & Brian Lapan d: Tom Trbovich (Source:

Site Author's Questions:

  1. Do you want anything removed from this site?
  2. Are there any errors that need to be fixed?
  3. Anything to add?
  4. Is there something that severely annoys you about this site?
  5. Lesbian Vampires???
  6. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?