I know I have been terrible about updates. John Hawkes was nominated for an Oscar! Supporting actor for the fantastic Winter's Bone. I haven't updated the Film and TV listing, and the Guestbook has been deprecated by HTML Gears/Lycos. :(

What does this mean, for Internet Graffiti? Will I yet again need to search for an alternative to host this site? Will I ever have reliable Internet? These are all good questions. I am thinking of solutions (can't help the lousy Internet connection, though!) But they depend on whether I'll be able to load my images without issue. Watch this space for news. I will post something here, and do a good and proper update!

Updated Oct. 24, 2012

Remember how people spray paint the name of their favorite bands on the wall? I guess this is some kind of Internet graffiti. Only this time it's for an actor.
This site is for those people looking for some kind of page on John Hawkes. Not the experimental writer, or the computer wizard, but on the character actor, seen quite prominently in "The Perfect Storm". It will have images culled from other sites. I of course do not pretend any kind of copyright on anything here. Consider this to be some sort of compendium of what little I could find on this talented actor. Character actors are by necessity, a breed apart. They don't have character developing scenes; they have to hit the ground running. Hawkes is one of the best.

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