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Whoa! It is me, yes. It is me, formely known as 'Slage.' I have returned, now known as 'WiCkEd.' It's been a year since an update, amazingly. And amazingly, I have somehow gotten access to my website, Halloween Massacre. I will not completely SHUT this website out. It gained a lot of attention from HalloweeN fans. I will keep it here, as one. There will be no more further updates. You will only be informed of HalloweeN 8's release. For people who haven't visited, I will keep the site up so they can enjoy the work and effort I once put into this site. If you want to contact me, contact me by email: , or contact me by AIM: WiCkEdx8000 . I made many sites after this, and let me tell you, my HTML is waaay better. My GTA3 Site: Here... I hope you all enjoy watching this site grow as I did! Goodbye for now, HalloweeNers.

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