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Ok now here we go with the RULES of this guild. First off, I won't require you to be expert RPers to join. I do though want you to be decently knowledged about the whole Sailor Moon anime. I really don't have that many rules for you to follow but I do have a few that you MUST follow:
1. You must have AIM or AOL. (You can download it for free on the internet)
2. You must be on regularly to RP. Most RPs will take place in a chatroom but we also do it sometimes through IM on unscheduled events.
3. Please act like the person you play. That means no cussing. No one in the Sailor Moon or DBZ/GT anime have ever cussed. Cussing during RP will result in a warning the first time, suspension the second time, the third time you will be released from the roster (otherwise known as kicked out).