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Welcome to Sailor Senshi Universe. My name is King Damascus. Sailor Senshi Universe is a roleplaying guild for serious sailor moon fans. I will allow some DBZ/GT to be used in this guild. I am just making this site now because I've looked around and couldn't find any other good roleplaying guilds. The ones I found were always outdated or full. Since I am on the internet usually everytime for several hours I can always make updates to the site. I am also going to make this a Sailor Senshi Shrine after I get the RPG portion of the site completed. That way if you have any fanfic or fanart you would like to submit you can e-mail it to me and I'll post it up. Just a notice for you that want to submit fanart, please do not steal anyone elses fanart and send me it saying it is yours, that can get me in big trouble. Thanks and enjoy!

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Vote for us at the top 100 Anime sites!AnimeTop 100
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