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As a reputed company, Girna Pura Tourism in Malta, boosts of a sound leadership. Our endeavour in responding thoroughly to any particular request knows no bounds and we also offer an adequate accommodation on the island as well as an entertaining and culturally orientated excursion program in a naturally professional and informal manner.

Nature Historical site diver

Nature: Malta has one of the bluest and cleanest seas in the world. Whilst in Malta, you can also take a trip to the other islands of Comino and Gozo, the latter being the sister island of our archipelago.

Historical site: Malta's history goes back 7000 years. The island offers a lot of historical sites such as the 365 churches, the medieval city of Mdina, the present capital city of Valletta, and the 3 Cities.

Diving in the crystal-blue Maltese sea is a joy in itself. Besides the underwater fauna and flora, there are wrecks and Blue Holes to discover. Malta could be the surviving tip Atlantis.

Carnival Hotel restaurant

Carnival: Malta has a very joyous carnival. The island has the most numerous public holidays in the world and an average of 4 church feasts a week, with parades, decorated streets and churches and fireworks.

Hotel in Malta are very varied in standard and are situated in exquisite locations with a good view. The service with a smile and the friendly staff are typical of a warm-hearted people ready to assist unconditionally.

restaurant in Malta are numerous and located in various settings. Many are open-air restaurants that offer an unique sea view. The interior decoration ususlly reflect the cultural tranditions of our island.

Travel with us to Malta, and you will have a lot of fun!

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