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Wizards... are the most enigmatic of people. They are the keepers of all things magical and Wizards are the 'shapers' of the Mystical Arts.

They carry a very serious demeanor and cannot be fooled. Wizards can see through to the heart of things, they know the truth of your words before you speak them.

Indeed... if you do not carry truth in your heart, then you would not see or hear a Wizard in any case. But, once a Wizard befriends you, you have a friend for life. In this one and the next.

Young or immature Wizards are never seen. The locations where they apprentice and learn, are not to be revealed.

It is only after they reach a mature or elderly state, that they start to make their presence known.

The Wizardess is a different creature. They can look like Maiden, Mother, or Crone. They are as knowledgeable and as powerful as their male counterparts. They just seem to show a little more flexibility, or maybe the word is 'interest' in changing appearances from time to time. That is to say, all Wizards have a 'regular' appearance that they prefer. An appearance that is how others recognize them by. The male Wizard seems to be a little more habitual in returning to the same appearance. The Wizardess is also a little more approachable than the male. A Wizardess can if she feels like it, overwhelm you with her beauty.

Very few have ever incarnated, one of them was the Wizard referred to as Merlin.... Merlin is still around, still teaching, still involved.

Although there are many who claim to be a Wizard, the truth is, they are not. It does not matter how much knowledge one gains, it cannot make you a Wizard. Human souls are Human. A Wizard is born a Wizard. They are a different People. But, they will not look like a Wizard in their youth. It is only after growth and age do they finally reach the Wizard state of being and appearance.

Wizards are as always, very much at the center of things Spiritual, and down here in the Physical Realm as well. They were the original teachers of Men who later became to be known as Druids. Wizards, stand for all that is just and fair. They cannot be corrupted.


copyright © Jennifer Sanfilippo

Painting by N. C. Wyeth (1882 - 1945) from Mark Twain's "The Mysterious Stranger"




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