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This is a very powerful shield that will help to keep you grounded and centered when you need it most.

People who are not very happy, who have a negative outlook can be very draining to those they come in contact with. These people can literally suck your energy away from you, leaving you drained and tired.

You can also pick up and absorb emotions from crowds that will be conflicting and confusing, leaving you feeling off balance and without control of yourself.

This shield is also a protection when in meditation. Meditation, depending on how far you are able to journey, can 'expose' you to beings that can 'latch' onto your aura and drain away your energy and vitality.

You need to sit or lie down comfortably. It has to be quiet with no interruptions for about 10-15min.

Take slow deep breaths, in through the nose, deep, fill your belly then fill your chest. Hold for 3 heart beats ... let it out through your mouth. Repeat ... again ...

Feel yourself relax with each exhale. After a few times, when you are relaxed. Do this:

Visualize inside your belly, just below your belly button, a small bright golden light. This light is from your own Spirit. Take another very deep breath, and when you do, see in your mind's eye, this light get brighter. When you exhale, watch this light expand, it grows bigger. Repeat and watch this light that is your own Spiritual Essence get brighter and brighter with each inhale, and expand with each exhale, until it is filling your whole body.

Do this, until this light is so bright that it is almost too bright to look at. Watch it fill up your body, all the way down to the tips of your toes, all the way up into your fingers, your head, all the way to the ends of your hair. See your whole body as this glowing brilliant white light until your body is just your form in this golden light.

When you reach this point, take another really deep breath. Now when you exhale this time, really force the air out and PUSH this golden light outside of your body. See a shell of glowing brilliant golden light all around yourself, just like a cocoon.

This is your own personal shield, made of your own energy and spiritual essence. When you have done this, see it all around you. It is OK if you have trouble 'seeing' as long as you know it is there.

Practice this! The more you practice, the easier it will be. After a while you will be able to expand your shield to encompass your entire home. Just see it as a sphere growing larger, or like blowing up a balloon. In time, you will only have to think about your shield, and whoosh.. up it goes.

This shield cannot be taken away from you. It is part of you. You can bring this shield up instantly by just thinking about it. The key is to practice. Do this especially when you go to bed. Also when you wake or are out around crowds or any time you feel that you need it. After a while through practice, your shield will always be up to a certain degree, so that you will only need to strengthen it when you feel the need to do so.


Gandalf on the bridge at Khazad-dum

From the movie "Lord Of The Rings"



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