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OK.. One thing I want to say.. Dragons do not have holes in their wings. Nor are their wings made of membrane like Bats. They have scaled wings and bodies which can take on the soft texture of feathers. But they can change them back into Dragon hard scales when needed. They can make their scales as hard as need be. Also when a scale is shed, it does indeed harden as it dries out. That is something that has bothered me every time I see Dragons portrayed with ragged holey wings! Thank You.. this has been a DSA or Dragon Service Announcement :)


Why do you think Dragons have always been so large and fierce? Dragons were given these formidable attributes so they may carry out their mission. Dragons guard a treasure. This treasure is more valuable than gold or precious gems. So, they have to be able to defend it, and Dragons being what they are, who would dare confront them?

There are no bad or evil Dragons. Forget the myths, they are wrong. They do not fight among themselves, nor do they harm any other people. Dragons are guardians. They are the essence of the word.. Guardian. And they will defend even with their lives, in that goal.

Dragons are the most noble of beings and they were granted their own realm. Throughout all the provinces of their realm, Dragons live in peace and harmony along with the Wizards who share this realm with them. Again, please ignore the legends. There is no animosity between these two peoples.

Wizards and Dragons, work very closely with one another. They augment and compliment each other to accomplish a joint task.

Dragons are the best of teachers. Dragon Wisdom, is of the highest order. Whomever is worthy enough to have a Dragon teacher, will know what feeling safe and protected really means, and will gain true knowledge and wisdom if, you know how to listen.

Dragons were among the earliest teachers of the first Human beings. Those first Humans who were trained by Dragons came to be known down through their ancestors as, Druids. Here is the true origins of why the Druids were often referred to as, Dragons. In the Christian church, St. George slaying the 'Dragon' was allegory for the Christian priests attacking and persecuting the remaining Druid priests, and the Pagan communities at large.

Mature dragons have from time to time incarnated although this is not a common occurrence. It only happens when there is a specific goal in mind. When they do, they are usually remembered, as great teachers or leaders. There are a few that have been remembered and through myth and legends, been elevated to something else, even deified and this has made them most exasperated.

There is one Dragon in particular that was only trying to teach mental alchemy to a people who had fallen under the yoke of a corrupt priesthood. For his efforts, he has been deified and there is a whole mystical order that bears his name to this day...

Dragons are very serious minded. To those that have had some contact with them, they may seem rather strict and without much humor. This is not always so, they do have a funny bone, but it takes a lot of patience to find it in a Dragon and they will certainly not help you look for it.

Young dragons are sent to the Physical Realm to learn. They incarnate many times, the same way that most everyone else does, for the same reasons.

Dragons are the masters of mental alchemy. They have this ability matched only by Wizards, to not only shape shift, but to alter their essence entirely.

The Earth contains what are called Dragon or Ley lines. These Ley lines can be thought of as the 'nervous system' of the Earth. There are a multitude of Ley lines interwoven and inter-connected within and around the Earth. It is the Dragon, that tends, repairs, guard, direct and run this most vital system that keeps Gaia, as well as you and I healthy. But this is just one of many services they provide


Elemental Dragons !!

There are many books that talk about how to call or or work with Elemental Dragons. But there is one major key to Elemental Dragons that I've not seen published about them.

All the Elemental Dragons are immature Dragons. They are learning to master the elements as part of their training. When a Dragon has mastered a particular element, it moves on to the next until all four elements, Air, Water, Earth and Fire in this order, which is the same order that many Human covens teach students, are mastered. When the Dragon has learned them all, they stop being a single Elemental. They are now much closer to becoming an adult.

When called upon by Humans an adult may still show up as a single elemental, but usually it will be a juvenile Dragon that is still learning the Elements who will appear.


Faery Dragons !!


Are an entirely different species unto themselves. Older than the Clan of Dragon, being the parental group that the Dragon Clans are derived from.

They do not live within the Dragon Realm, their home is naturally within the Faery Realm.

Although Faery Dragons are also Guardians they have a temperament the opposite of Dragons. They are whimsical, mischievous, and playful. They also tend to be more colorful in appearance than Dragons.

Faery Dragons when young, are sent to Dragons for schooling. There is nothing more aggravating to a Dragon than having to teach a Faery Dragon. This is not one of their favorite duties with all their joking and playing around. But when all is said and done, the Faery Dragon will take their responsibility of Guardianship most seriously.

Dragons, are the best of teachers...


Copyright © Jennifer Sanfilippo


Photo from movie "Dragon Heart"




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