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GP St. Louis Photos (5/14/00) .   GP St. Louis Pictures from The Sideboard .

Mike Donovan (left) vs. John Eardley (right).

Some of the Lucky Seven celebrate after Nick Weber wins 2000 Player of the Year.  From left to right include Joe Blackwood, Weber, Aaron Jackson and Mike Heffern.

Ian McDonald (center) holds up the 2nd Place ribbon in the 2000 Player of the Year Contest.

Mike Donovan and Mike Jente pose for a photo after a long day of playing Magic.

Andy Tate

Brandon Coley

Deck construction after the Top 8 draft during the GP trial on 12/9/00.  From left to right are Matt Ham, Erich Seipel, Tina Lampe, and Poh.

Matt Petrov and Aaron Jackson posing for this candid shot while during PTQ Toyko on 12/9/00.

Nick Weber doing another pose for the camera during PTQ Toyko on 12/9/00.  This photo didn't turn out as well as the other.

One-time PT winner and former Worlds Top 8 Matt Place pose with the Tolberone after winning PTQ Toyko on 12/9/00.

Three of the members of Binary21 discussing Extended tech on 2/17/01.  From left to right is Will Rieffer, Mike Mason, and Scott Forester.

An "old school" magic players gathering on 2/28/01.

Joe Blackwood wins 1/17/01 JSS Challenge in St. Charles.

Scenes from the JSS Challenge at Comic City on Feb. 16, 2002.

Peter Sauer and Eric Axelson after the JSS event at Gathering Ground on 12/16/00.

Ben Petrov (left) and Jacob Brewer after the JSS event at Gathering Ground on 12/16/00.

Matt Mohan (left) and Aaron Jackson (looking at camera) during JSS event at Gathering Ground on 12/16/00.

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