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GP St. Louis Photos

At Window on St. Louis at the KSDK studios in St. Louis.  Here, Kim Harvey shows up the sign that was shown on local television.  Unfortatnley, time ran out before the small (but excited) group even got to talk.

The banner tells all!

Team Petrov (right) playing in round 2.  Members of Team Petrov are Dan Jente, Michael Jente, and Matt Petrov.

Crocidile Hunters (left) in a round 2 affair.  Members of Crocidile Hunters are Eddie Selsor, Donnie Pickett, and Dusty Selsor.

Die Already (left) is in an round 2 match.  Members of Die Already are Maury Boehmer, Low Poh Kok, and Jeff Flieg.

Team Speedbump (left) and Io (right) duke it out.  Io roster is William Brandt, Ken Lambert, and Robert Young.

BattleZone (right) goes against Capilist Pigts (left).  BattleZone members are Francsico Arevalos, Daniel Bates, and Michael Miner.

Feature Match between semifinalist Your Move Games and Tight Club in Round 3.  Tight Club pulls out the narrow upset in this match.

Zvi Mowshowitz (bottom left) tries to lead The Legion to victory, but Mike Magby and C-Monkey had other plans and pulled an upset.  Zvi was reglated to an spectator in Day 2 as his team missed out on tiebreakers.

The Judges Station

Your Move Games (Darwin Kastle, Rob Dougherty, and David Humpreys) figuring out their war plans.