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The Prophecies of


by A.E. Moss
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The Prophecies and Teachings of Xorol R. Oliver

Xorol (ksor-rawl) Robinson Oliver was born in 1889 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and died in Evanston, Illinois, in 1955. She was raised in Salt Lake City, but spent most of her adult life in Oakland, California. She was granted two patents by the U.S. Patent Office, in 1930, for Electrolysis apparatus. In the early 1920s she met a Yogi from India who taught her how to Astral Travel (i.e. to leave the physical body and go to the Spirit-World with the astral body). She made numerous astral travels to the Spirit-World, and received much information. The Apostle Paul was also an Astral Traveler.

In 1930, Xorol gives a series of lectures at the Theosophical Society in Berkeley, California, called Lectures on Kosmonic Science. Xorol's mother was a follower of James Brighouse, a British man who came to the United States as a Mormon immigrant. He claimed to be a Seer. He wrote and published a book in 1889, called Voice of the Seventh Angel. He claimed that Mormon leaders were "false prophets". He taught that the Chosen Ones reincarnate.

She described Kosmonic Science as "the sum total of all truth contained in the Cosmos". In her Lectures she made a few prophecies such as:

"An Austrian will arise in Germany, and shall become its dictator. He will cause the deaths tens of tens of millions, and then die by his own hand." (Lectures, p.19)

Note: Adolf Hitler was an Austrian who later committed suicide.

"Scientists will discover ways to creating energy by applying electricity to water, and also the will harness the rays of the Sun, and they will also produce energy from sand and from the atom." (Lectures, p.18)

Note: Hydrogen is produced from electricity being applies to water. Fuel is now being produced from sand.

"Negroes in America will burn cities, and the Latin races will come to dominate the white race." (Lectures, p.32)

Note: Black riots burned portions of Los Angeles, Chicago, and Detroit in the 1960s, and again in 1991 (Los Angeles riot). Today (2016) there are more Hispanic children in American schools than white children. Hispanics are destined to become the majority in the United States, and later the super-majority.

"The Mormon leaders in Utah currently [1930] teach that Negroes are the cursed children of Cain, and that the mark of the Curse is a black skin, a flat nose, and kinky hair. But the day will come that Mormon leaders will abandon this doctrine, and repudiate it, claim they never taught it, and erase it from their history books." (Lectures, p.17)

Note: in December 2013, the First Presidency of the LDS Church authorized the publication of the "Race and Priesthood" Statement which "disavows" the Curse of Cain Doctrine; calling that doctrine "speculation" and "personal opinion" and "folklore" which is "now disavowed" by the Church. No Church Manual today, nor any book published by the Church, contains any mention of the Curse of Cain Doctrine: which was called "a doctrine of the Church" by all Church leaders for 130 years (1848~1978). Most Mormons, especially older Mormons, are totally unaware that the Church has "disavowed" the Curse of Cain Doctrine. Mormon leaders did not publish the "Race and Priesthood" statement in the Church magazine (The Ensign), nor did they announce it in General Conference; because they know that if older Mormons (over age 60) knew about this statement, it would greatly upset them. Older Mormons (60+) know that the Curse of Cain Doctrine was never presented as "folklore" or "personal opinion" but as "a doctrine of the Church". Church leaders are deliberately "hiding" the "Race and Priesthood" Statement from older Mormons who rarely if ever go to online.

"Men will walk upon the Moon, and upon Mars, and they will send man-like machines to other solar systems." (Lectures, p. 42)

Note: Men walked on the Moon beginning in 1969. Missions to Mars are being planned. Man-like robots have been developed. In May of 1961, Joseph Fielding Smith, a Mormon Apostle who would become the 10th President of the LDS Church, declared the following:

In 1971, Apollo astronauts visiting Salt Lake City, met with by then President of the Church Joseph Fielding Smith, and handed him a Utah Flag they took with them to the Moon.

Xorol R. Oliver also taught the following:

*Joseph Smith was a true SEER but later "fell" because of sexual sins, and his "revelations" after his "fall" (Book of Abraham, Kinderhook Plates, Nauvoo doctrines) are not from God.

*The Book of Mormon was not a history of ancient Jews (Nephites) in America, but a Prophetic Parable about the future of America, when the "Latin races" (Lamanites) would "utterly destroy" the White Race (Nephites) in the 24th century.

*The Book of Mormon was written by Rosicrucian monks in Pennsylvania (the Zionitic Brotherhood).

*The Angel Moroni was not a Nephite ghost, but a living flesh-and-blood man, a Rosicrucian monk, from Ephrata, Pennsylvania.

*Joseph Smith was chosen by the Ziontic Brotherhood to bring forth The Book of Mormon, but he "fell" because of sexual sins.

*The true Mormon SEERS after Joseph Smith were Joseph Morris, George Williams, James Brighouse, and Xorol R. Oliver.

*Brigham Young led the Church astray, with his doctrines of Adam-God (Adam as Heavenly Father), the Curse of Cain Doctrine, Blood Atonement, and so forth.

*Mormon leaders are NOT "Prophets, Seers, Revelators": they do not prphesy, nor see, nor revelate!

*Human souls have one lifetime per material planet (she called this "Consecutive Incarnation"), but the Mahatmas ("Great Souls") reincarnate on many planets.

*Adam was not the first human being, but the first of a new race of men (the Adamic Race).

*Humans evolved from lower forms of life.

*The Garden of Eden was not in Missouri, but in Egypt, and was a literal walled Garden, with fruit trees, and a small zoo.

*The Curse of Cain does not apply to "Negroes" (black Africans) but to the Solubba tribe of Syria and Arabia.

*The Earth was not created in six 24-hour days, nor in 6,000 years (as Mormon leaders taught), but in Six Cosmic Days (note: a Cosmic Day is the time it takes for the Sun to revolve around the Center of the Galazy, which is about 230 million years).

All this is explained in detail, in the online book The Teachings of Xorol R. Oiiver which is linked on the BAHA'IS OF UTAH website (linked in Part 3).

The Seven Incarnations of the Word/Lamb/Logos of God

Xorol taught that the "WORD" of God, also called the Son of God, would "become flesh" (incarnate) on this planet seven times, as seven men. She said the first was ADAPA, the first priest of the Sumerians. The Akkadians called ADAPA by the name ADAMA.

Xorol taught that the Garden of Eden story is based upon Pharaoh Aye of Egypt, and Princess Khiyah. They were two real historical people, who dwelt in the Garden of Maru-Aten, in what is now Amarna, Egypt, about 1350 B.C. According to Xorol, Aye was the 3rd Incarnation of the Son of God on this planet, and Jesus was the 4th. Jesus had to suffer and die on the Cross to "atone" for the sin of Aye and Khiyah in the Garden of Maru-Aten.

Pharaoh Aye and Princess Khiyah were real, living people, who dwelt in the Garden of Maru-Aten about 1350 B.C.

The Garden of Maru-Aten was a real place. Its foundations can still be seen today. The Garden of Maru-Aten included a large evaporation pond, various fruit-bearing trees, a "Tree of Life" shrine, a small zoo, and various buildings. The complex was walled, to keep out the sand.

The Garden of Eden story is based upon the Garden of Matu-Aten, which really existed, in Amarna, Egypt, about 1350 B.C. It had a small lake, fruit trees of many kinds, and a small zoo. It was the royal residence of the House of Pharaoh, first built by Pharaoh Akhenaten.

In the Book of Genesis, not one but two creations of Adam are mentioned: the first Adam is mentioned without Eve nor the Garden. The second Adam is mentioned along with Eve and the Garden of Eden. These "two creations of Adam" in the Book of Genesis has perplexed Jewish and Christians scholars for thousands of years. Why would Moses mentioned the creation of Adam twice in the first chapters of Genesis?

Xorol R. Oliver was shown the reason "why" in the Spirit-World, according to her astral travels to that realm. She was shown that the First Adam of Genesis refers to Adapa of Eridu, the first Priest of the Sumerians, and the Second Adam of Genesis (where Eve and the Garden are first presented) refers to Pharaoh Aye of the 18th dynasty of ancient Egypt. He was the father of Nefertiti, and the uncle of Akhenaten: the Pharaoh who built the City of Aten and the Garden of Maru-Aten, a few miles south of the City of Aten, in what is now Amarna, Egypt.

Adapa of Eridu (the first priest of the Sumerians) who lived about 4,000 B.C. The first man with a God-Breathed Soul. He had a wife and children (the Adamu). Adapa is listed as the high priest of Enki, during the reign of Alulim, king of Eridu.

Adapa reincarnated as Melchizedek, the king of Salem, in Canaan. He blessed Abraham.

Melchizedek reincarnated as Aye son of Yuya: the father of Nefertiti, and Pharaoh of Egypt after the death of his grandson, Tutenkhamun (circa 1350 B.C.). Aye dwelt in the Garden of Maru-Aten with Princess Khiyah (the half-sister and wife of Tutenkhamun). It was in that Garden that Aye and Khiyah "sinned". His God-breathed Soul "fell" (died in the Spirit-World); as did the souls of all Adamites, since our souls are "copies" of Adapa' God-Breathed Soul.

She taught that ADAPA of Eridu was the first man with a God-Breathed Soul. His children inherited a "copy" of his God-Breathed Soul. Whatever happens to the Soul of Adam also happens to the souls of his descendants (the Adamties). If the Soul of Adam "falls" then so do the souls of all his descendants.

Almost all human beings today are descendants of Adapa of Eridu, who lived in Sumeria about 4,000 B.C.

Therefore, just about all humans today have a "copy"of the Soul of Adam. If the Soul of Adam "falls" then our souls also "fall". Whatsoever "happens" to the Soul of Adam, also "happens" to our souls: since our souls are mere "copies" of his God-Breathed Soul.

When Adam "sinned" in the Garden of Eden, his Soul "fell" (died in the Spirit-World), and our souls also died in the Spirit-World. Adam, the Son of God, became the Prodigal Son.

Adam had to return to this Earth, as Jesus of Nazareth, to "atone" for his "sin" in the Garden of Maru-Aten.

Before the "Fall" of Adam, there was no death in the Spirit-World. All souls were alive (conscious) in that realm. At the Fall of Adam (Aye) "death" (unconsciousness) entered into the Spirit-World. That is why the Old Testament teaches soul-sleep (i.e. that the death in Sheol have no thoughts and no plans and they cannot praise God). But when Jesus died on the Cross, this atonement reversed the Fall, and all those who were "dead" in the Spirit-World, became alive again.

The Soul of Adam will "become flesh" on this planet seven times:

1st*Adapa of Eridu.
3rd*Aye son of Yuya (Pharaoh)
4th*Jesus of Nazareth
5th*Ali ibn Abu Talib
6th*'Abdu'l-Baha (son of Baha'u'llah)
7th*The 7th Angel (to be born in the 24th century)

All of these Men are the incarnations of the Son of God: which is also called the LAMB OF GOD, and the LOGOS, and the "WORD".

The Soul of Adam, as Pharaoh Aye "sinned" with Eve (Princess Khiyah) in the Garden of Maru-Aten. His soul "fell" (died in the Spirit-World). The Soul of Adam had to return as Jesus of Nazareth to "atone" for the Sin of Aye, on the Cross, so that His Soul, and all the Souls of the children of Adam, could be resurrected (become alive again) in the Spirit-World.

Jesus was not punished for the sins of a different Son of God. Adam is called "the Son of God" (Luke 3:38). Adam and Jesus are two incarnations of the Ver Same Soul: which is called the LOGOS, and the WORD.

The shed blood of Jesus on the Cross "saves" all Adamites (Christian, Jew, Muslim, pagan, Buddhist, Jain, Zoroastrian, Taoist, agnostic, atheist) from soul-death in the Spirit-World. This is a free Gift of God to all the descendants of Adapa of Eridu.

The 5th incarnation of the Son of God was Ali ibn Abu Talib, the cousin and son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad. The Alawis (aw-law-weez) and Nusaris (noo-say-reez) of Turkey and Syria (about 12 million people in all) believe that Ali was the reincarnation of Jesus.

Xorol (ksor-rawl) identified the 6th incarnation of the Son of God as 'Abdu'l-Baha: the Eldest Son of Baha'u'llah. She said that the 7th incarnation of the Son of God would come in the 24th century (2300s). He is referred to as "The Seventh Angel".

The 7th Angel will fulfill Christian and Muslim expectations concerning the Second Coming of Christ. He will appear sometime in the 24th century (2300s); according to Xorol R. Oliver.

Xorol taught that the Prophets and Chosen Ones, she called "Mahatmas" (Great Souls) reincarnate, but that human souls have one lifetime per material planet (consecutive incarnation).

*Reincarnation=for the Prophets and Chosen Ones only. Many lives on this planet, and on other planets.

*Consecutive Incarnation=human souls (including the souls of Seers) have one mortal life per material planet, but shall live one mortal life on many planets.

*Day of Judgment=our next mortal life on another material planet where we shall be punished or rewarded for our deeds in this life.

Sometime around 1930, Xorol R. Oliver became a Baha'i. She corresponded with Shoghi Effend (Guardian of the Baha'i Faith)i many times. She died in Evanston, Illinois (location of the National Baha'i Center of the U.S.), in 1955.

Most Baha'is today (2016) have never heard of the name "Xorol R. Oliver".

Because Xorol R. Oliver is not called a "Seer" in the Directives (signed letters) of Shoghi Effendi, the Guardian of the Baha'i Faith who died in 1957, Baha'is are free to accept, or reject, her as a Seer.

The only two Seers that Baha'is must accept as Seers are Shaykh Ahmad-i-Asa'i of Bahrein (d. 1820), and Siyyid Kazim Rashti of Iran (d. 1843). Baha'is must accept both of these men as true Seers, because they are called such in the Baha'i Holy Texts and also in the Directives (signed letters) of Shoghi Effendi (show-gee ef-fen-dee), the Guardian of the Faith.

Shaykh Ahmad and Siyyid Kazim

Both Shyakh Ahmad and Siyyid Kazim taught that the Manifestations of God and Chosen Ones "return" in every Dispensation. The Souls of the Sent Ones are not "human". They taught that human souls had only one lifetime on this planet. They taught that Paradise and Hell-fire are "conditions of the soul" in this life, but are literal dimensions in the Afterlife. They both taught that sexuality continues in the Afterlife. You can read more about their teachings in the Baha'i Faith: An Introduction for Mormons which is linked on the BAHA'IS OF UTAH website which is linked in Part 3 of The Prophecies of the Baha'i Seers.

Baha'u'llah (baw-haw-Oh-LAHHH), claimed to be the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Ghost "in the flesh". A Revelation to Joseph Smith says:

"Ye were in the beginning with the Father, that which is Spirit, even the Spirit of Truth." (D&C 93:23)

This Verse identifies the Spirit of Truth/Holy Ghost with the Father. The Holy Ghost and the Father is One Being: not two separate Beings. The Man "Jesus Christ" was the Father (Holy Ghost) and the Son (Word of God) in one body. The Holy Ghost dwelt "in" Jesus from His baptism in the Jordan River, until the Cross. When the Father left Jesus on the Cross, Jesus cried out: "My God, My God, why hast thou forstaken me?" Baha'u'llah claimed to be the Holy Ghost incarnate (in the flesh). Mormons still await "The Day" that the Holy Ghost will come to Earth to get a body. Baha'is believe that "Day" has already come.

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