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Sam Racing Sponsorship Information

How do sponsors benefit from motorsports marketing?
We are constantly searching for new and unique ways to put your name in front of your potential clients.

  • A more cost effective advertising solution- Motorsports can deliver an advertising message to more people for less money than other forms of advertising.
  • The generation of excitement- An advertising message that is delivered to a customer during a period of excitement has a greater chance of making a positive impact.
  • Race Fan loyalty to sponsors- Race fans are possibly the most loyal group of consumers anywhere. In cases where all other buying decisions are equal, a race fan will choose a sponsoring company over a non sponsoring company almost every time. This is true even when the non sponsors product is slightly less expensive. This is a powerful marketing fact and is why many companies choose sponsorships to advertise.

  • How is your message delivered?

  • Display of your company message- Displayed on the racecar, hauler, and team apparel
  • Company banners, personal appearances, team media, website links

  • Promotional Opportunities

  • Promotions designed around racing events
  • Promotions designed for events away from the track

  • Relationship Building Opportunities

  • Business to Business
  • Community Outreach
  • Moral builder within your company
  • All graphics are professionally done to your specifications.

    We have sponsorship packages for every budget. From product sponsorship to premier sponsorship. We have the right program for your company!

    Auto racing is a very affordable marketing tool because consumers relate to it, and the drivers with whom they have built loyalty to.
    Racing fans are by far the most avid and loyal of any sport.
    Local racing sponsorships are very attractive to companies looking to reach consumers on more of a personal level.
    Drivers are very accesible and the fans can get " up close and personal " with the team they follow.

  • Auto Racing is the fastest growing consumer sports entertainment market.
  • Effectively target and reach your customers.
  • Promotional programs for every budget.
  • Stimulate store traffic and attract new customers.
  • Strengthen customer loyalty.
  • Atmosphere of excitement!
  • My father Bill in the #5 Super Modified at Ascot in Gardena,California in 1966.

    Sam Racing
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