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"About Sam Racing"

We have been racing since 1999. Our goal is to be different than any race team out there today.

We recognize the opportunity we have to help others through racing. I've spent my entire life around racing. My father Bill raced the dirt tracks of Southern California for many years. The things that stick in my mind more than anything , are the honesty and straight forwardness of my father. He did not make promises that he could not keep. A handshake was his promise. He was truly grateful for the help that he received and wanted to give the best effort that he possibly could in return. He raised me with the same values and I refuse to compromise those values.

1959- Bill Wiltrout at Western Speedway
Sam Racing at Riverport Ampitheater- St. Louis, Missouri

We will not just "put a name" on our car. We only endorse and promote products and companies that we truly believe in. If we just put anything on the car for the sake of a dollar , it goes against everything that we stand for. And I will not do it. We want involvement from companies that believe in us and us in them."

If your company has searched for a unique way to get your message in front of your potential customers, we would love to talk to you further. We look forward to hearing your marketing and promotion ideas and answering any questions that you may have. We would love to have the opportunity to show you what we can do for your company and let you decide for yourself if racing sponsorship is right for you. Please e-mail us or write us for more information. Again , I cannot thank you enough for your time and interest in Sam Racing."I truly look forward to becoming your marketing partner".

The "original" #5 Bill Wiltrout at Ascot Raceway Gardena, California.
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