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KCAR Launch Report: Sport Launch — March 2003

Launch date and time: March 22nd, 2003, 11:00 AM.
Launch location: 14900 Peterson Road, Kansas City, MO

KCAR’s first launch of the Spring started out with a tad more wind than we’d hoped for, but not so bad as we had feared. The weather was pretty warm, and actually reached the low 70’s. As the day wore on, the clouds blew in from the West, along with an occasional sprinkle. Along with the heavier weather came calm winds but much cooler temperatures. We were finally driven off the field by the rain, which began in earnest before all of the equipment was stowed in the loft. We hung the wet tarps over the railing in the barn to prevent mildew, and all of the electronics were well under cover prior to the rain sweeping the field.

We had a pretty good turn out of fliers. One intrepid youngster, Darwin May, came all the way out from Topeka to join the fun. He launched a Mongoose on C6-0 staging to a C6-7 for a very nice high flight. Alas, he was unable to recover his rocket. We had a few other visitors, including the Turner boys and their father, who flew their Estes Blue Ninja several times on C11 and D12 motors.

Some of the well known fliers also turned out for the launch. Both Dave Lucas and Dave Messerschmidt were seen with some of their fascinating rockets, including Dave Lís interesting sliding wing glider. George Scheil flew his Mediocre Fred, but the winds were not kind to gliders this day. Bill and Zoron Hensley arrived and got in a few flights, as did Blaire Clark and his daughter Courtney. James and Paul Case also managed to light at least one ‘G’ class motor.

As the day grew, so did my courage, and the Interceptor G took a turn on an F52-5 for one of it’s standard spectacular flights. The Sprint Magnum also went up on two flights on the last of the E28-4 Reloads in my possession.

In the middle of it all, we stopped launching for 30 minutes to get some necessary club business out of the way. See the full report. We elected Dave Lucas as club Vice President, decided to launch over the Shawnee Mission Park field in April, and finalized the contest events we’d like to fly in June and September. And a few other things, too, all in thirty short minutes!

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that a good time was had by all. We were happy to have the visitors come and launch, and enjoy each other’s company.

We flew a total of 84 flights, burning 93 Motors, and expending 1,853.91 N-s (K range) worth of propellant (that’s as close as I can get since we made a couple of estimates). There were three staged flights (13, 52, 84), and three clusters (23, 53, 71).

Launch Flier’s Name Rocket Name(s) Motor Comments
1 Tyler & Trevor Turner Blue Ninja C11-3 Good flight
2 Paul Case Gemini DC B6-4 Rear ejection. One chute perfect, other OK
3 Courtney Greathouse Courtney’s Blue & Black Mean Machine E9-4 Beautiful flight
4 Tyler & Trevor Turner Blue Ninja C11-3 Another good flight
5 Paul Case Big Bertha B6-4 Nice flight
6 Darwin May Trans Wing Super Glider B4-4 Good flight
7 Andy Scheinost Alpha Bash A8-3 Nice quick boost
8 David Lucas Penny Glider A8-3 Will remove some nose weight
9 Justin Messerschmidt Gnome 2 C6-5 Fast, high flight
10 David Lucas Penny Glider A8-3 Engine cato
11 Tim Burger Sprint Magnum E28-4 Very good flight
12 Blair Clark SA-14 Archer G64-4 Excellent flight
13 Darwin May Mongoose C6-0/C6-7
14 Courtney Greathouse Mean Machine E9-4 Nice long high burn
15 Andy Scheinost Alpha Bash B?
16 James Case Mirage G35-4 Nice flight
17 David Lucas Cygnus D12-3
18 Ian Jessee Ambassador’s Banshee A8-3 Good!
19 Tyler & Trevor Turner Blue Ninja C11-3 Nice straight flight
20 Dave Messerschmidt Arreaux F23-7 Very nice!
21 Justin Messerschmidt Liberator C6-3 Nice
22 Randall Jessee Coin Bank with Bowl G35-4 Ouch!
23 Taylor Jessee Mini Viper III Replica 3xC6-5 Cluster — nice flight
24 George Scheil Black Brant II C11-3 Pretty
25 David Lucas Fear This D15-4
26 Tyler & Trevor Turner Blue Ninja D12-5 Nice high flight
27 Paul Case Amraam B6-4 Perfect
28 Ian Jessee Estes V2 D12-3 Drag Raced 2 V2’s
29 Ian Jessee Estes V2 D12-3 Drag Raced 2 V2’s
30 Justin Messerschmidt Gnome 2 B4-4
31 Zoron Hensley Banshee A8-3
32 Bill Hensley Lockheed X-7 C6-5 Good flight, long burn
33 George Scheil Commanche Upper Stage B6-4 Pretty
34 David Lucas Red Bird A10-3T Fast boost, low ejection
35 Ian Jessee Mk 109 A8-3
36 Bill Hensley Airspike E18-4
37 Zoron Hensley Alpha B6-4
38 Taylor & Hans Jessee Sumo G38-4
39 George Scheil Mediocre Fred A8-3 Nice glide transition
40 David Lucas Red Bird A2-3
41 Tyler & Trevor Turner Blue Ninja C11-3
42 Randall Jessee Hot Tamale C5-3 Tube fin rocket
43 George Scheil Mediocre Fred A6-4 “Smoke Bomb Motor”
44 Randall Jessee Blue Ninja C11-3
45 Tim Burger Sprint Magnum E28-4
46 Bill Hensley Super Nova Payloader D12-5
47 Zoron Hensley Banshee A8-3
48 Tyler Turner Space Bus 1/4A3-3T Good rocket for back yards & small fields
49 George Scheil Rogue Deep Space Probe C5-3 Nose cone separation
50 Bob Wingate Apogee Blue Streak A6-4 Quest Cato (spit nozzle, red flame) “Lawn Dart” No damage.
51 Tim Burger Mongoose B6-0/B6-6 Dropped booster next to pad
52 David Lucas Wild Goose D12-5 Heard the party horns
53 Taylor Jessee 4 Barrel 4xD12
54 Trevor Turner Space Hauler 1/4A3-3t
55 Taylor Jessee Super Big Bertha D12-5
56 Ian Jessee Ambassador’s Banshee A8-3
57 David Lucas Fear This E9-6
58 Bill Hensley Banshee A8-3 Misfire
59 George Scheil UFO C6-0
60 Tim Burger Maniac D12-5 Nice flight
61 Zoron Hensley Big Dawg B6-4
62 Dave Messerschmidt Phoenix C6-5
63 Bill Hensley Airspike E9-6
64 Ian Jessee Blue Ninja C11-3
65 Taylor Jessee Whistling Bunny C11-3
66 David Lucas Fear This F21-8 Great motor
67 Zoron Hensley Banshee B6-4
68 Bob Wingate Tiger Striped Deltie 1/2A3-2T Curse you, Red Baron!
69 Dave Messerschmidt SAM Missile D12-5
70 Tim Burger Silver Comet F12-5
71 Randall Jessee Peggy’s Valentine 2xD12-3
72 George Scheil Stine Rock-a-chute Clone A3-4t
73 Ian Jessee Big Daddy D12-3
74 George Scheil Cosmic Cobra B6-4
75 Dave Messerschmidt Strong Arm G35-7
76 Zoron Hensley Blue Ninja D12-5
77 Bill Hensley Phantom 4000 G33-5 Launched from the rail, nice flight
78 Randall Jessee Weasel E9-6
79 Ian Jessee Estes V2 D12-3
80 Tim Burger Interceptor G F52-5
81 Hans Jessee Lance Beta G80-7
82 David Lucas Liberator C6-3
83 Randall Jessee Crayon E11-3
84 George Scheil Rogue Crossfire B6-0/B6-3 Last flight of day, sprinkles turned to steady rain.

Flights by Rocketeers
Flights Rocketeer(s)
David Lucas
George Scheil
Ian Jessee
Zoron Hensley
Tim Burger
Randall Jessee
Bill Hensley
Tyler & Trevor Turner
Taylor Jessee
Dave Messerschmidt
Paul Case
Justin Messerschmidt
Darwin May
Courtney Greathouse
Bob Wingate
Andy Scheinost
Taylor & Hans Jessee
James Case
Hans Jessee
Blair Clark

Rockets Making Multiple Flights:
Flights Rocket Rocketeer
5 Blue Ninja Tyler & Trevor Turner
3 Banshee Zoron Hensley
Estes V2 Ian Jessee
Fear This David Lucas
2 Sprint Magnum Tim Burger
Gnome 2 Justin Messerschmidt
Ambassador’s Banshee Ian Jessee
Mediocre Fred George Scheil
Red Bird David Lucas
Penny Glider
Airspike Bill Hensley
Alpha Bash Andy Scheinost

Number of Motors by Impulse
Number Motor Impulse
2 1/4A3 1.18
1 1/2A3 1.09
1 A2* 2.00
1 A3 2.22
2 A6* 4.00
10 A8 28.20
1 A10 2.00
2 B4 8.58
12 B6 51.96
1 B?* 4.26
8 C11 70.40
2 C5 18.20
11 C6 97.02
18 D12 303.12
1 D15 18.96
5 E9 139.35
1 E11 32.74
1 E18 36.54
2 E28 79.38
1 F12 43.20
1 F21 60.45
1 F23 52.85
1 F52 72.95
1 G33 98.39
3 G35 302.46
1 G38 87.36
1 G64 118.80
1 G80 116.25
Total: 93 1,853.91
* Guessing at exact impulse.

Duty roster for the launch.

Submitted by Tim Burger, NAR 78486.

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