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KCAR Meeting Minutes - March 22, 2003

During our March 22, 2003 KCAR sport launch, we shut down the field at 1:00 p.m. for a half hour meeting.

Attendees, KCAR members:

Old Business
First item for discussion was waiving the launch fees for that dayís launch. David Lucas so moved, Andy seconded, and the motion carried.

We then held an election to fill the vacancy in the Vice President position for the remainder of 2003. The nominees were David Lucas and John Skelton. Voting was by secret ballot, and when the votes were counted, David Lucas had won.

Our third item for discussion was the official approval of the contest events for our two NAR meets for 2003, which had been decided earlier by e-mail on our KCAR yahoogroups list. David Lucas moved that we approve the list which had received the most votes, and Randall Jessee seconded that. The motion carried. Bob Wingate said he would send the information to the Model Rocketeer newsletter and Sport Rocketry magazine. He will also inform some of the other regional sections and some individual NAR members, and encouraged other members to do the same. Bob didnít have the event list on the field at that time; listed below are our NAR contest events for 2003:

June 28 Local Meet at the Tickwood Ranch:

September 27 & 28 Regional Meet at the Case Farm:

(By way of information, Bob also mentioned the KRAMO-23 Regional Meet at Lake Afton Park, southwest of Wichita, on Saturday, June 21st and Sunday June 22nd. They will be flying the following events:

Next we discussed purchasing prizes for our two 2003 NAR contest meets, our Local Meet in July, and our Regional Meet in September. During discussion, David Lucas suggested we check Belleville Wholesale Hobby for the best kit prices, and Bob Wingate suggested we also keep our eyes open for the occasional kit sale at the local Hobby Lobby stores, which can be around 40% off. Bob volunteered to look into this further, and will take suggestions. He also reported that the KCAR treasury currently stands at $484.39. It was then moved and seconded that we allocate up to $100.00 from the treasury to purchases rocket kits as prizes for our NAR meets in 2003. The motion carried.

Tim then called for volunteers to be Contest Director for out two meets. George Scheil volunteered to be the CD for the July Local Meet, and Bob Wingate volunteered to assist, and to be the CD for the September Regional Meet, and would welcome assistance in September.

David Lucas asked for a volunteer to undergo his rigorous training to be an assistant Sport Scale judge. Tim Burger stepped up and volunteered.

Our next order of business was to choose a field for the April sport launch, since the Case Farm won't be available next month. And since some of the club members have made multiple trips to the Tickwood Ranch over the last couple of months to help with the Team America Rocketry Challenge, it was decided to let Dave and Carol Alburty have some peace and quiet for a change. Tim suggested Shawnee Mission Park, Andy so moved, and Dave seconded the motion. The motion carried, SMP will be the site of our April KCAR sport launch.

New Business
David Lucas reported that the theodolites he's been building for this year's Altitude and Payload events are almost ready. They will be at Shawnee Mission Park for review, and training in tracking, and in the use of tracking powder in rockets, will begin. David also suggested that KCAR also purchase a scientific calculator with the trig functions, to keep as club equipment and use in tracking data reduction. Randall Jessee moved that we should allocate up to $40.00 from the treasury to purchase a scientific calculator. Andy Scheinost seconded the motion, which passed. Bob Wingate volunteered to purchase the calculator, and take data reduction training from David Lucas. Communication between the two tracker operators and the data reduction person was discussed, and the consensus was that we have enough FRS radios, which should suffice for now. If necessary, a seperate frequency could be used just for the tracking communication.

David Lucas then pointed out that we need to get KCAR flyers back in the local hobby stores. Nothing in my notes indicates this was put to a vote, but as I recall there was general agreement that we need new fliers for 2003.

Bob Wingate then mentioned that George Scheil had purchased four 6' x 8' blue plastic tarps, as backup equipment to have on hand to take to various launch fields, when stopping by the Case barn would not be convenient. Two of these have seen use at Tickwood for practice and qualification flights, by four of the regional Team America Rocketry Challenge teams. These tarps could also be used as replacements for the tarps stored at the barn, as needed. It was suggested that the KCAR treasurer reimburse George for these tarps, at $1.27 each, for a total of $5.42 (including tax). Randall Jessee put this in a motion, which was seconded by David Lucas. The motion carried.

All of this was accomplished in 30 minutes! The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 p.m., and the range was re-opened for more rocket launching.

Respectfully submitted by
Bob Wingate, 2003 KCAR Secretary / Treasurer.

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