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Do You Hear Me Calling - Part 2

By Tarra O'Neal


Status: Complete

Category: Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Romance

Pairings: Sam/Jack

Spoilers: Divide and Conquer

Season/Sequel Info: Season 4 / none

Rating: PG (I'm no good at figuring ratings!)

Content Warnings: None

Summary:  Sam gets sick on a mission.

Disclaimer: Same as Part 1.

File Size:  41.2 KB

Archive: Here, on this site.

Author’s Note: This story was inspired by the song "When You Lie Next To Me" by Kellie Coffey.  Characters thoughts and dreams are in italics






"For cryin' out loud!  What's taking them so long," Jack muttered as he paced the limited confines of the hut.


"It has only been forty-five minutes, O'Neill," Teal'c said from his standing position by the entrance.  He was watching Jack pace, like it was a tennis tournament.


"Still, they should be back by now.  Carter needs help," he stopped his pacing to look at Teal'c intently, but continued shortly thereafter.


Not long after Daniel left, Jack and Teal'c had tried to make Sam seem more comfortable. Her fever was rising fast and she still hadn't made any indication of waking up.  Jack was starting to get worried, though he didn't voice his darkest thoughts.


"O'Neill, someone is approaching.  It appears to be Aulin," Teal'c informed the concerned Colonel.


Aulin drew near the hut swiftly and came to an abrupt halt as he was faced with the towering form of Teal'c.  Determined not to let the Jaffa's displeased glower sway him, he delivered his news.  He had been distressed, ever since the village had been informed of Major Carter's condition.  He offered his services and that of his people. 


"Colonel O'Neill, your comrade has returned with help.  They have just now emerged from the Chau'pere," Aulin said barely able to restrain from wringing his hands. 


"What...oh...good," Jack said in mid-pace.


Aulin excused himself.  He was never comfortable around ill individuals. 


Daniel was the first to reach the hut.  Dr. Janet Fraiser followed him through the entrance in a flurry of motion, accompanied by an Airman carrying medical equipment.  She deposited her medical bag beside her as she kneeled by Sam's still form.  Janet removed a penlight from her bag and checked Sam's pupils.  They were glazed over.  No reaction from the light.  She rummaged through her bag until she found a thermometer.   


Janet placed the back of her hand against the drained pallor of Sam's forehead.  She put the thermometer in Sam's mouth, and sat back on her heals as she timed the passing seconds.  When her watch beeped that time was up, she withdrew the thin glass instrument from the dry, slack lips.


"Oh my....!!  She has a temp of 103.7°.  That is the highest I have ever seen one person display," Janet was taken aback.  She didn't want to alarm anyone, but this was serious.  Brain damage could occur at 105° if immediate actions were not taken. 


Jack's voice snapped her out of her reverie.  "So what can you do, Doc."


"I'm going to give her a fever reducer.  And we need to keep her cool, without bringing the fever down too fast.  That could cause her to go into a seizure.  We want to keep her as stable as possible," Janet said as her gaze shifted between motionless Sam and the fidgety Jack.


"First of all I want this room cleared.  As I am unaware of what caused Sam's illness, I can't guarantee it isn't contagious," Janet said shifting into Doctor Mode.


The Airman that came with Janet exited with Daniel and Teal'c at Janet's order.  Only Jack remained behind. 


"I'm staying"


"Colonel, it isn't a good idea for you to stay.  Since I don't know anything about this yet, I can't know what the contagion qualities are of the virus, if that is what it is."


Crossing his arms over his chest, Jack stood his ground. 


"I'm not going anywhere," he said, his face a blank mask.


"But Colonel, I would highly advise...."


"You've got my answer, and that's final."


"Very well, Colonel.  Make yourself useful.  We need to cool her down," Janet responded as she began organizing her supplies. 




Janet with the help of Jack removed Sam's clothes.  Jack tried to stay as unattached as possible.  It was difficult.  I should have left when I had the chance.  No, I made the right decision, he thought chastising himself for even thinking of the coward's way out. 


The medication Janet had given Sam had still shown no sign of reducing the fever.  Janet was beyond worried, but refused to let Jack know it.  Getting her fears under control, she rechecked Sam's temperature.  Waiting the allotted time for the reading to register, she looked at Jack.  His face muscles were pulled tight, and his forehead was creased with worry lines. 


The timer beeped.  She removed the thermometer and brought it closer to read.  This was not good.  Her fever was rising.  Jack must have seen her concern, because he suddenly spoke.


"What is it?"


When she didn't say anything, he started to dread the results. 


"It's worse isn't it," he asked softly.


"It's 104°, and she's dropped into a coma," Janet said.  She lifted her eyes and looked right into the shockingly frightened ones of the Colonel.  "I don't know what else to do.  The medication isn't working and I can't give her another dose for another couple of hours.  It's up to Sam now. All we can do is make her more comfortable."


They adjusted Sam's blankets and dabbed her face with a cool, wet cloth.  Janet, needing to stretch her legs and get a breath of fresh air, stepped out of the hut.  Jack watched her go, but soon his gaze returned to Sam's deathly still form.


"Carter.  If you can hear me, you have to fight this," he said next to her ear.


He'd heard that people in comas could hear what was going on around them.  Maybe there was some truth to that. 


"You know Carter; you still haven't gone fishing with me.  I know once you got out in that fresh, mountain air with only the birds for company, you'd love it.  Just imagine.  The water is so clean and clear that you can almost see the bottom of the lake."


He went on talking about anything and everything he could think of.  Anything to keep her in the grips of reality. 




She was sitting on a dock in the middle of nowhere.  Mountains surrounded her on all sides; the water before her glistened in the mid-day sun.  She held a fishing pole in her hands.  Her feet were dangling in the cool water. 


This was wonderful.


 Jack was out on a small fishing boat about twenty meters from her.  He smiled and waved at her with the hand that was free of the fishing pole.  Her heart skipped a beat. 


All of a sudden the fishing pole dropped out of her hands and she drifted farther from the dock.  She tried to move forward but she couldn't move her legs. 


Jack was back fishing. 


She called out his name, but he didn't hear her.  She yelled again.  Why couldn't he hear her? 


The light dissipated, and she was engulfed in darkness again.




Janet returned to the hut, somewhat refreshed.  That is until she caught sight of Sam again.  Her heart plummeted.  She tried all she knew to do.  Nothing was effective.  She was at a dead end. 


She stepped around Jack's still sitting form.  He had long ago shed his jacket and vest and was down to his t-shirt. She handed him the fresh canteen of water she had retrieved.  He accepted it unconsciously. He took a sip of it, recapped it, and set it aside. 


When she had reentered to hut, she had failed to notice that he was talking to Sam.  Not just to her, but it was as if he was talking with her.  He was telling her stories, of his exploits, if you could call them that.  She smiled to herself. 


Janet glanced at her watch and noticed she still had another, hour and a half before she could administer the next dose of medication.  Deciding that the Colonel had everything under control, she left the hut to wait out the time. 




Jack sighed.  Is this working?  Can she even hear me?  I can't stand seeing her like this.  She was supposed to be up and about and spouting techno-babble at him.  Not lying there looking fragile and vulnerable.  He had never felt so helpless in all his life. 


Okay, O'Neill.  You can't be thinking this way.  Keep talking to her.  Something's bound to break through. 


"You ever play hockey, Sam," he discarded with the "Carter" quite a while ago. 


"Yeah, okay it's a rough sport, but it is the most exhilarating you'll ever do.  Flying down the ice with a stick in your hand.  Elbowing anyone that gets in your way, to deliver the puck to the net......."




She was gliding.


 A cool breeze passed her as she skated around on the ice.


 She looked down and saw she had a hockey stick in her hands.  She was automatically shifting the puck back and forth.  She lifted her gaze and saw the goalie at the far end of the rink.


 It was Teal'c.  He fit the part.  He could be really intimidating when he wanted to.


 She looked around to find her team mates.  Where were they?  She needed help.  Someone was gaining on her.  The other skater pulled around her and attempted to steal the puck. 


I don't think so, buddy.


She cold-cocked him in the chin with her elbow and he went flying. 


Was that....?


Oops, sorry Daniel!


Back to the matter at hand.  Where was her team mates.  Any team mate. 


Suddenly another skater joined her on her right skating in sequence with her.


 It was Jack.


 He gave her a signal to pass the puck to him.  With a swift, but gauged smack to the puck, he received it expertly. 


He increased his speed, and raced down to the goal end of the rink.  He skidded to a halt, shortly before reaching the goal.  He drew back his stick and hit the puck straight into the net. 


She could hear it as it whizzed past Teal'c's head. 




They won. 


She practically flew down to the end of the rink. 


Jack gathered her up in his arms when she reached him, and swung her around with him excitedly. 


What was happening?


Something was pulling her out of his arms. 


He had a heartrending look on his face.  He indicated for her to return.


She was trying.  Why couldn't she go back to him? 


No, not the darkness again.  Anything but the darkness.




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