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Thank you for visiting CROCODILIAN RESORTS, the home of 25 000 CROCODILES and the central reservation for accommodation and the marketing centre of CROCODILE PRODUCTS for THE CROCODILIAN ESTATE IN FOCHVILLE and THABA KWENA CROCODILE FARM IN WARMBATHS - in the Republic of South Africa.

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 We are opening a Crocodilian Resort in central Europe in 2001.

  It is an energetic establishment which has grown consistently from 1980, and every effort is made to add to the tourism attraction and market the products that Crocodiles can offer.

Live Crocodiles of all sizes on display at our resorts - daily tours of a Crocodile farm's operation at THABA KWENA.

TEL: (+27) (018) 771-6499, FAX: (+27)(018) 771-7964

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Updated:, Wednesday, October 11, 2000