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Old News...

For those of you who missed it the first time, here is a small archive of news. If you miss it this time, oh well...

July 1, 1999

It seems as if another month has gone by...sniff sniff...I'm very sensitive about the months passing away...On to some, SW news...sniff...

If you happened to miss the Ray Park chat last night at Talk City then you are like me and are very upset. I was busy doing some other things. I know, I need to get my priorities straight.

Anyways, here is the transcript of the chat. It was pretty interesting, but at times it seemed like they kept asking him the same questions. Maybe it's just me...

Go out and get some fireworks today and get ready for the Fourth!

June 30, 1999

ATTENTION! I was not going to update today, but I just happened to notice over at Episode2.Net that Ray Park will be the next guest on Talk City. They will be chatting with him at 4 PM PST. Head over to the official site for all the details on how to be a part of this historic event!

June 29, 1999

It's over! I just got done giving my last speech in my public speaking class. It feels so good to have that behind me. Shew! Now, I get to look forward to Calculus...NOOOO! hehe

The Maul Art section has some new goodies in store for you. Don't you hear them? "Come to the Maul Art section...come to the Maul Art section..." You cannot escape it...It is your destiny.

Don't forget about Maul the Pimp. Keep sending in the comments on how attractive Maul is. He hooked me up with one of his women the other night BTW. I'm sure most of you guys are jealous but that's what you get when you have connections! =)

Everyone take Public Speaking! It's grrrrrreat!

June 28, 1999

There is nothing major to report today except a major decision I have made. A few days ago I received a couple of fan fiction submissions and each featured very strong sexual content. I'm not talking about heavy romance here, but sex, if not rape.

I was going to post them but I have decided against it. Even if I do put a NC-17 rating on them, it cannot prevent kids from reading this stuff. Most parents are not even around while their kids surf the internet.

Therefore, I put myself in a parents posistion, and I ask myself, "Would I want my kids reading this?" My answer is no. My decision may seem dumb to many or even stupid, but I'm doing what I believe is right.

I am sorry for any inconvience this has caused those who have submitted it already. It was well written but the content was a little strong for this website. Romance is fine, but not rape.

Have a great day!

June 27, 1999

I would like to thank everyone who wrote in with prayers for my family. My dad got to come home Saturday because there was not anything they could do at the time. Normally, they would do the balloon to open his arteries. However, this time the balloon will not work and they will have to do open heart.

It will be his 3rd open heart, so he's not very thrilled about it. The doctors are wanting to wait, keep an eye on him, and when he starts having severe chest pains, they want us to rush him back. They are wanting to wait as long as possible before doing it, but that is kind of risking it if you ask me. Also, he's not getting any younger, so I don't see why they just don't get it over with.

On to the update...

I was surfing by and saw at Episode2.Net, they posted an interesting little rumor about casting for Episode II. Drop by there and see for yourself and take it for what it is worth.

I have added another Maul art picture. It was sent in by Brad. Be sure to check it out and write him with your opinions. If you know someone who has some Maul art, encourage them to send them my way.

The poll is getting a few gray hairs on it, so I think it's about time that it is changed. I am currently working on the next one and a picture for it. I think that each of you will think it is very amusing. Check back soon!

June 25, 1999

It has been a long time coming but I finally updated the Ray Park section with 4 new pics. They are some pretty good pics and if you do not know what he looks like, you will be surprised. Get over to the Ray Park section.

Also, just as a quick note, I would like to mentiont that a few more ladies have been added to Maul is a Pimp section. I still wish he could get me a hook up, but he forgets all the little people after he gets famous. =)

Some of you may be wondering why I have waited until tonight to update. Well, my dad is in the hospital with problems with his heart. I might not be updating the page for the next few days depending on how things go. My family and I would appreciate any prayers you may have. We are looking to Jesus for comfort...

Take care and have a great weekend!

June 23, 1999

Just so everyone might now, I bombed my speech in public speaking today. I'm not sure how to explain it, but for some reason I fell apart. Usually I get really nervous and as I speak, I get more comfortable with being up there. Good joke...

I actually started out calm but soon fell apart. It wasn't pretty and I was ready to get the freakin thing over with. Oh me...

Graham has sent in a comprehensive "How to" of Maul's makeup. It is really detailed and comprehensive. I'm sure it was tons of hard work so check it out and see it for yourself. You can find it here.

June 22, 1999

Today, I am proud to announce that the Maul Art section is back up and running. There is plenty of room left, so be sure and make some submissions. Get creative! You can find it here.

Go see TPM again just for the heck of it!

June 21, 1999

This is important announcement!! I have noticed that as of late, there have been a few of you out there who have been going over-board with profanity on the message board. Every once in awhile is understandable, maybe even expected. However, when you put it boldly in the message titles in capital letters, that is going too far. Remember, there are some people who visit the message board who want to read up on the latest SW gossip, not some childish arguing and swearing.

The summary of all that is, please keep profanity down to a low. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

This week will feature some new additions to Maul's Corner. Today I would like to present to you, a brand new Maul tale straight from one of the many fans out there. The story is well written and it deserves your attention. It is entitled, "The Wait." I cannot stop you so head on over to the Fan Fiction section and look for Ray. Happy reading!

Be sure to keep checking back throughout the week for new stuff! Later!

June 18, 1999

It looks like another week is up and we are getting closer and closer to the year 2000! I'm not sure whether to be excited about it or maybe a little nervous. It will definantly be remembered though...Oh yes, on to my update...

The main site has updated with a snapshot of the Jedi Council that we do not get to see in the movie. I thought it was Yoda sitting in the middle at first but I was thinking, "Where's Samuel at?" Be sure to check out the latest snapshot. I didn't link it directly to the picture because they change it frequently. You may have to check around a bit for it. Meanwhile...

"Take care of yourself, and each other" --Jerry Springer

June 17, 1999

ATTENTION ALL SW FANS!! Many of you probably already know this, but if you don't, listen up. On June 19 (this Saturday), many SW fans are going back out to celebrate TPM's opening. They are hoping to boost it's sales. Many movies do great initially, but slowly go down hill from there. With all SW fans help, this trend could be changed for TPM. Make sure you show your support this weekend.

Ray Parks is making an appearance at the Another World store. It would be a great place to meet up with Ray and for many of you SW Chicks out there, a dream come true...(oh the romance...) Big thanks to Peter for sending this in.

Maybe you noticed the banner change that just recently occurred. I did not do this one, however. The credit goes to Jonathon over at 316Wrestling. Make sure and check out his site or send him an email about his design for the new banner on Maul's Corner, or do both!! Thanks Jon...

The fan fiction section has a new submition from a brand new author, Cathra. She has great writing skills and her story is very interesting. Why not stop by and check it out over in the Fan Fiction section? (Message to Cathra: If you're reading this Cathra, and you want me to post your email address, I need you to send it to me again because I deleted your message before I wrote it down. Sorry! =(

Everyone have a great day!

June 15, 1999

Finally, it happened! The Fan Fiction section has had a recent addition! Jessica has been gracious enough to send in another work of art ;)

Thanks Jessica! You can check it out here.

June 13, 1999

I have had a very shagadellic weekend. It was a very unique movie and I have already seen it twice. For my full review, check out this week's From Under the Bridge.

There have been two more Maul stories sent in and I will be posting them ASAP. Be looking for them during this week. Remember, I can never have too many entries. So, if you like to write and are creative, send them in and I'll look them over.

I have come across I very intersting site lately dealing with Episode 2 rumors and speculation. It is called Episode2.Net. This is a very good place to see organized rumors on Episode II. They have an interesting tid bit on who may be Anakin in Episode II. What? I'm not telling, you'll have to go there and find out yourself.

June 11, 1999

You will notice that the links section will change within the next few days. I will make it much simpler to read because it has grown tremendously within the past month. Speaking of new links, we have three new ones. Two of them are related to Star Wars, the other one is a wrestling homepage of a friend of mine. He has spent a lot of time on it so head over and show your support.

1) The Yahoo Darth Maul Fan Club
2) FATZ: The Star Wars Database
3) 316Wrestling

Oh yea, the poll over at TF.N is not looking too good. Maul is getting dominated by Vader. I'm not quite sure how. Who knows how these things happen?

In closing, I hope that everyone has fun this weekend seeing "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me." I will be seeing it tomorrow night with some friends and I cannot wait to see....MiniMe. LOL In dedication of this new movie, I have made this image for your viewing entertainment. Have a great weekend!

June 9, 1999

It's another beautiful day on Maul's Corner. Let me say that I'm disappointed with the poll over at TheForce.Net. Their question is, "Who would win between Darth Maul and Darth Vader? Or if it would be a tie?" Vader is currently beating Maul! Head over there and show your support!

There has been a new Darth Maul page created. You can find it here.

The Fan Fiction section could always need some more entries. Keep up coming in! This goes out to all you writers out there: "Get those pens fired up!" We need stories!

Take care everyone!

June 7, 1999

Yea, I know, I'm a liar. That commentary sure looked good on Saturday didn't it? LOL I apologize for lying to everyone. I will not tell you I will do something and not do it again, I promise. From now on, I just won't do it period =) (whatever!)

My commentary has been updated. This commentary does have spoilers in it so read at your own risk. Have a great day!

June 4, 1999

Well, what do you think of the new look? None of the content has changed, its only been moved around. I did this because the news section was being crammed together (literally for the users with smaller monitors). Not only does the news have more space, but it gives everything a less "claustrophobic feeling." I hope everyone enjoys it!

Wow! The message board was a heart attack waiting to happen. I had no idea how many of you were using it and it got kind of clogged. I went through and did a little house cleaning on it by deleting around 150 messages. They were no longer being responded to anyways.

Have a great weekend and look for the new edition of my commentary sometime tommorrow!

June 3, 1999

Have you ever wondered exactly how hard was it to get Maul's make-up done everyday? Head over to Wickedcoolstuff.Com and order the magazine. They claim there will be no reprints so hurry!

Maul's Corner features 2 new links to its ever-growing links section...

1)Darth Maul Revealed
2)A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

I just thought I would mention that Star Wars Chicks has got their own domain now, so be sure to see some new things added. Go on over to the new site.

One last thing, this may be old news, and if it is, I apologize. However, I heard from Betty that Ray Park was on Fox this past Sunday. Did anyone else catch it? If not, join the club =)

June 2, 1999

Hello again Maul-a-Holics! I just got done with my public speaking class (at least for today.) That class gives me gray hairs, I promise. Now, on to some updates..

Be sure to keep an eye open for the Maul the Pimp section. I update it when I can and I probably will not mention that much anymore.

Back by popular request I have added some Ray Park pics to his section. This guy really does keep a low profile. You would have thought that he dropped off the face of the planet or something.

There is a new link to the Links section. It is a site dedicated to the Jedi's most formiable weapon, the lightsaber. Check out this site here.

May 31, 1999

I just saw an article concerning Darth Maul's sex symbolism. Check it out here.


The Phantom Menace has made over 200 million dollars in under two weeks. 0utstanding! Here is an article that disucsses its success. Let's keep turning out to see it again and again and again...

I have been quite busy with getting things ready to be added to Maul's Corner. I hope that each of these sections grows by leaps and bounds. Here they are:
1)From Under the Bridge(my commentary)
2)Fan Fiction(wonderful stories)
3)Maul the Pimp!(eageraly awaited)

I have also updated Gallery 3 with some new pics sent to me by some SW fans. They are really good and some of them are funny.

BTW, I have updated my commentary. Be sure to see what I have on my mind.

May 25, 1999

I do not know how many of you that visit this page are wrestling fans, but in case you didn't know, I would like to note that Owen Hart has died. It is a sad and tragic event. Please be in prayer for his family and friends. For more information on what happened or how to send sympathy cards, please visit the official WWF site.

Now, on to SW news...

I found an interesting article that deals with some SW thieves. Apparently, a reel of Episode I was stolen the other day and the threat of making very high quality pirated versions has become very real. You can check it out here. Crime just doesn't pay...or does it???

The official site has updated three of their sections. That is one of the biggest updates in one day I've seen in a long time from them. One of the sections describes a creature from Episode I, the Nuna. I couldn't stop laughing the first time I heard it. It's picture is even hilarious.

Maul's Corner is proud to announce three new links that are gracing the Links section:

1)Darth Maul 3D
2)Star Wars Chicks
3)Darth Maul Estrogen Brigade

The message board has really come to life. I never dreamed that this many people would keep using it. Unfortunately, I do not get to keep up with all the messages that I would like too. However, I will keep it cleaned up by getting rid of messages people never respond to. I tried changing the colors to better suit everyone. I hope it helped.

If you need me, I can be found under the brige =) LOL

May 24, 1999

Let's get down to business, shall we?

I have added a new link to the Links section. Next, over at Utopian Minds they are holding a contest and the winner gets a free Episode I: Pod Racing game for the N64. Don't miss it!

TheForce.Net has posted a couple of pictures posted that may shed some light on a question that is being debated concerning Palpatine. Check out these pics here.

I am needing more emails from all you ladies out there who love Maul. The new section is currently being constructed and will be finished soon. Check back often!

May 22, 1999

Because of some trouble that TSX may be experiencing from time to time, I think it would be prudent to either bookmark or write down the Angelfire address to this site. The TSX version is shorter but may not work all of the time. So, anytime that you use "" and it doesn't work, use "" Just thought I would mention that for your convenience.

I am thinking about adding two more sections to Maul's Corner. 1) Episode II Predictions 2)Maul is hot!

Yea, I bet the second one really caught your attention. I am not saying that I think Maul is hot, but rather many of the SW female fans think he's hot. I have received a few emails regarding Maul being hot and I would like more. I never thought about Maul being a sex symbol, but hey, he is!! I will post your comments on that section. So, for all you female fans out there, write in talking about how hot you think he is, or maybe a fanstasy date with Maul, etc.. Be creative!!

May 21, 1999

Keep those emails coming in! I try my best to respond to each of them. I encourage everyone to send in their comments, reviews, predictions on Episode II, etc..

I am getting excited all over again because I'm going back tonight to see TPM again! Actually, tommorrow night too =)!!

There will be another link added today. It is dedicated to tracking the success of TPM against Titanic. TPM still has a long way to go, but lets keep supporting it!! You can find it here.

Be sure to keep checking back because I am getting ready to add another section. Later...

May 19, 1999

I am finished with my review and I am using it as the subject of my first commentary entry. My commentary section is labeled From Under the Bridge.

I strongly recommend that only people who have seen the movie should read this because it reveals exactly what happens in the end. Click here to read it.

Which leads me to my next point of business. I will try and keep the main news section spoiler free for those not in the US or Canada who have not yet seen the movie.

The old poll results are in. Out of 149 votes, 100 people waited until after the movie to read the book (one of which, was me), 35 people read the book before the movie, and 14 people don't like to read. There you have it! I am getting a lot of background information by reading the book that has helped me understand the movie better.


I saw The Phantom Menace last night (or this morning???) and I am preparing my review as we speak. I will be posting it later on tonight, so come back and check it out. I would also like to mention the new poll is up, "Did you like The Phantom Menace?" Please vote after you have seen it.

Also, I have added a new link. It is another site dedicated to the seven horned bad buy we all love. Check our the new site!

May 17, 1999

"At last I shall line up at the cinema, At last I shall see TPM." The wait is almost over. Like I mentioned in a previous update, I have obtained tickets to a 12:01AM showing of TPM at my local cinema. That means my friends and I will begin lining up tommorrow night so we can all sit together.

Over at, they have been posting a picture everyday for the past 30 days or so. Each picture had the number of days left until opening day and a particular scene from one of the trailers. Today has to be, by far, the best picture yet (especially for all you Maulaholics out there =). It is simple, and just by seeing it, you can get the message: Yea, people are going to die!! Be sure to check it out.

Reviews have been coming at the general public left and right. I've read a couple of them myself and at first it really bummed me out. I'm not really sure why, but I guess it brought me back down to earth. You see, for the past couple of months (that's when I really go into seeing the new movie), I've been obsessed with this movie. I was placing it on a pedestal and it was the center of my life. I was forgetting that all it is is a movie. Once the credits start rolling, it will be 3 more years until the next one. There's more to life than Star Wars.

Like I said, actually hearing that the movie might suck and that some people will not like it brought me back to reality. I realize now it will be just a movie (excuse me, great movie!). My life isn't revolving around it anymore. I am just looking for a decent movie in the galaxy far, far away...

This may be my last update until after I see TPM, so the next time I update, I will try and have my personal review of it. I will even get a poll up asking the question, "Did you like The Phantom Menace?" Be sure to come back and vote. Happy viewing!!

May 14, 1999

I thought I would take a moment and wish George Lucas (creator of Star Wars for those of you under a rock) a very Happy 55th Birthday!! TF.N reports that he will be spending his birthday at one of the charity viewings that will be showing tonight.

May 13, 1999

Like I said earlier, I've got my tickets. I have decided to stop reading the reviews that are popping up on the Internet. Critics have never really liked any of the Star Wars films, but many fans liked them. I am going to try and go into the movie with an open mind. Kind of like the first time I saw A New Hope...

Now onto my experiences while waiting in line. Fortunately, the area that I live in does not have that many hardcore SW fans and the line was non-existant until almost an hour and half before tickets went on sale. My friends and I, however, were there 5 hours early. Yep, you read it right. We were there almost 4 hours before we really needed to be. Despite the fact that the theatre hadn't opened, we weren't really that bored.

We got to meet some cool girl who arrived like 30 minutes after we did. At least we weren't the only ones that were hardcore =) Some of the employees who were there already opened the game room for us. Therefore, we got to play some games of air hockey. (I went 4-0)

Then we played some poker, then some blackjack, attempted to play spades (but two out of our group didn't know how to play), then we ordered out for pizza. It was funny because the pizza guy thought we were pranking him. We told him we were at the cinema, in line for Star Wars tickets. Finally, he showed up and our stomachs felt better.

Like I said before, about an hour and half before tickets went on sale, people really started coming into the cinema. We were hearing reports of nearby areas of 300+ people in line. There were only like 60 or 70 people in ours.

Finally, the moment came. I was buying for 8 people and myself. It felt great to actually have the tickets in my hand, knowing that I had a spot guranteed for the midnight showing. As I passed by the people in line, I hollered out "Episode I tickets!! Twenty dollars!!" I few people laughed, others didn't.

Now that is left is to actually see it. I cannot imagine the relief that people have been feeling for three years now. I have only really been interested in the new movie for like 4 or 5 months. Just think, the countdown is getting ready to reset itself too. Three more years! Oh me, at least I'm already reading spoilers for Episode II =)

May 13, 1999

The climax of waiting is almost over as the few remaining days get shorter and shorter. Yesterday, I was fortunate and received my advanced ticket for a midnight showing on the 19. Be sure to check back later on tonight when I will post a much larger update describing my experiences while waiting in line.

One more thing, the official site has updated with a profile on the man!!! Darth Maul!!

May 7, 1999

Before I share my thoughts on the recent reviews made by fans, I would like to mention a quick something about the Internet. It is amazing how fast things can be updated and how this has an effect on our lives. Here's an example: I recently read on TF.N that Fox would be showing a new Episode I scene at 12AM. Well, like the problem earlier with Rosie, my cable does not get it. Fine then! I didn't need to see anymore spoiler material anyway. Right?....Wrong

About 30 minutes later, I found myself checking back in with TF.N to see if anything special was there yet. What do you think I saw? Under the headline discussing the new footage that would be on Fox, I saw the key words Updated. I knew then that it was over. I had to look and I did. It was great stuff but I kick myself for not having the willpower to just say "NO!" The Internet surely is changing the way we think and act. For me, it is making me more impatient LOL!

Now onto the major issue on my mind: "'Star Wars' Screening Elicits Luke-Warm Reaction"
(look for the Star Wars section)

George said that it would happen, common sense tells us that it will happen, but for some reason I cannot even comprehend someone not liking Episode I. Especially fans of the original Trilogy. However, I do not want to be totally naive and believe everyone looks at things the way I do. Those of you who might be thinking, "Hey, but it's Star Wars for crying out loud!! It can't be bad..." I have something to tell you...Yes it can.

The culprit behind this is one word...hype. It could not have been avoided. Star Wars has three generations of fans all foaming at the mouth for a new movie (I am one of these fans, although I am only 20 =). If you take three generations of expectations, all building to a climax, then a lot of people are going to be disappointed. This is apparently what is happening.

If you have either lived through the time, or read about the time, when Star Wars first came out, it was not expected to do very well. It was during a time in America when thoughts about aliens, lasers, or any type science fiction were thought of in a negative fashion. People were not into aliens taking over the world, or epic space battles. People were not expecting Star Wars to be any good, and look what happened.

Star Wars was a hit!! The key to its success was that it caught people off guard. People were so fascinated with the amazing thoughts it presented, the epic struggle between good/evil, etc.. that they came back over and over to re-live the moment. It changed the way people view science fiction.

Now fast forward to the present day. We live in a very technologically advanced era. Things once considered soley sci-fi, and not possible, are suddenly being considered as possible. Sci-fi is a part of people's lives and it is accepted as "normal."

It is simply going to be harder to impress people who are expecting to be impressed. I am afraid many people are psyching themselves up for a major climatic experience, when all Lucas is trying to do is what he's always done...tell a story. I know of very few things in life that I expected to be great that actually turned out to be great.

The truly greatest moments and most exciting experiences of my life have occurred to me unexpectedly. It is difficult to predict, "In 30 minutes I will have the greatest experience in my life!" and actually have it come true. It is something that must be taken at what it is, not something you want it to be.

Please do not misunderstand me, I have not seen Episode I yet, nor am I attempting to criticize those who did not like the screening of it. Everyone has their own opinions and you never know, I might not like it either. Furthermore, I am not assuming that the people described in the above article didn't like it. However, I believe that things could be heading that way.

We are living in a very different age than when Star Wars: ANH first broke out into the world. Expect there to be differences between the original trilogy and the new ones coming out within the next few years. Do not allow the hype to ruin the experience, so allow yourself some time off before you see the movie. (I know, that means stop re-watching the trailers, re-watching the commercials, re-watching the Duel of the Fates video, listening to the soundtrack, re-reading the novel, searching for the person at Toys R' Us who took your Darth Maul doll out of your buggy, etc..)

I would like to close with this. Take the time to realize that this is not meant to be a life-changing experience, but rather an enjoyable tale. I am not one to claim that I am always right, but I am willing to bet that George would agree with me on this one (I might ask him the next time we have lunch and discuss the next two episodes, LOL).

Let the kid within you journey back to that "..galaxy far, far away.." and leave all the hype behind.

May 6, 1999

I thought I would make a quick mention on a couple of things I have just ran across. First, head over to TF.N and visit the Prequels section and look for the heading, "Why Star Wars is better than Titanic?" It has some really funny stuff on there. Second, make sure you stop by TalkCity and get an account because you can chat with John Williams (composer of the Episode I soundtrack for those of you living under a rock). The chat session will begin tonight at 6:00PM PT and it will be the first of 12 various chat sessions that they will be having this month.


I was so mad earlier today. George Lucas was a guest on Rosie O'Donnell toady and my cable company does not get it. You would think that Rosie would be mandatory for any type of cable. Oh well, I did not get to tape it or even watch it. I felt like using force grip on myself =)

The screenings for Episode I took place today. There were tons of mixed reactions from the people who exited the buildings. I wonder if that is a good thing or a bad thing? I know Episode I has a ton of hype behind it, but could that possibly get people's expectations up so high that they honestly would not like it??

I believe that there are indeed going to be people who do not like it. Here is my reasoning: Some people already do not like the original trilogy, and these people probably won't like the new trilogy either. However, I know quite a few people who LOVE the original trilogy but say they don't think they will like the new one. Their reason was "It isn't like the originals," or "If it doesn't have luke and han and chewie in it, then it's not Star Wars."

While many do not like it, whether they've seen the originals or not, I believe many will indeed love it! I am going to try and keep an open mind when I see it. You never know, I might not like it at all. Better yet, I might start thinking that Darth Maul is a little girl...

I don't think so.

May 4, 1999

Okay, so maybe the lines at the local music stores wasn't as dangerous as the ones at Toys R' Us. They definantly weren't selling out left and right. There were plenty there and absolutely no line. At least I finally got my copy and it is awsome! Star Wars is the only type of classical music I listen to. John Williams has done it yet again with a wonderful score to go along with a wonderful movie. BTW, if you are one of those who are actively avoiding spoilers, DO NOT LOOK ON THE BACK OF THE SOUNDTRACK! A few of the titles give away specifics about the end.

I was completely blown away by the new commercials that were released yesterday. It is interesting to see the movie from those different viewpoints. Each has its own great impact on the whole plot of the movie. Once again, tons of spoilers, new footage, EVERYTHING! I am glad that they are releasing all this good stuff with the movie only a couple of weeks away. I don't think I could make it if it was longer...Also, speaking of footage...

A friend and I recently added up all the new footage time we have seen and compared it the overall length of the movie. Here are our figures:

Trailer A 2:19 (let's say 2:20)
Trailer B 2:28 (let's say 2:30)
Duel of Fates Video 4:15 (let's say 4:20)
Anakin Commercial 0:30
Amidala Commercial 0:30
Shmi Commercial 1:00
Quin Commercial 0:30
Total Time 11:40

Also, remember that most of the Duel of the Fates video is old footage. So, the time on it should be more like 1:20 or less even.

That means that if you compare the total time to the 2 hours and 6 minute run time that we are all getting ready to see in a couple of weeks, that means that we have already seen approximately 7 percent of the movie. That means that...Yea, I didn't think I had to explain myself. We are all in for a treat.

May 3, 1999

Well, finals didn't go too bad today. I totally smoked my Economics test but I got the bomb dropped on me in Trignometry. Oh well...on to brighter things..

I am proud to announce that Maul's Corner has joined the Star Wars Prequel Ring. The ring banner can be found at the bottom of this page and if you have any trouble with it working, please notify me.

The Duel of the Fates debuted today on Total Request Live. I have taped it and watched it on repeat. I was really impressed with all the new footage that was shown. There were many more shots of Maul in action and we also get to hear Maul speak some more. It is very scary stuff but what did you expect coming from a Sith?

I'm really looking forward to tommorrow when the actual soundtrack is to be released. I'm sure that it will be another battlefield (such as the one witnessed at Toys R' Us), however, I'm up for it. I really get into the music of a movie, especially Star Wars.

I would like to close with an apology. I'm currently trying to decide on a better method of viewing Maul pics. I know that it can take quite a lot of time to get them to load up. I am working on it, so once again, I apologize. Until next time...


Yep, you read it right: IT'S REALLY EARLY IN THE MORNING!! There can be only one cause for all the commotion that is being felt around the world (and for me updating at such a late hour)...Episode I merchandise has hit the shelves (legally!). Today is the release date for practically every type of the new Episode I goodies you could ever want.

Some friends and I just recently returned from our local Toys R' Us. They are one of the few places that are actually opened their doors at 12:01 AM to let eager (and mostly rabid) Star Wars fans in to buy all the new goodies. There was probably a total of 60+ people there. Actually, that wasn't that bad considering some places literally had hundreds of fans waiting patiently. After I got home, I was contacted by a friend of mine (who was in line at a Toys R' Us in Louisville) who said he saw many people dressing up as their favorite Star Wars character at the Toys R' Us he was at.

The local TV station came by and the cameras were rolling. I was like 5th or so in line and it was very tense when the manager came to unlock the door. As soon as it was opened, everything suddenly shifted to a blur. It was similiar to a calvary charge. I remember getting pushed and shoved and I did some pushing and shoving myself. My biggest mistake was taking the time to grab a cart. By the time I got there, it was like a group of starving vultures hovering over a dead body.

The area they chose to display everything was surprisingly small and literally, I couldn't get in. Luckily, I had another friend who was one of the first of the "animals" at the rack and he got a few goodies for me. I just sat back and wanted to cry because they were all being ripped from the shelves and I could do nothing about it. Most people were just grabbing anything and shoving them in carts hoping to retreat and sort through what they had hoarded.

As many people were discouraged at not getting anything, suddenly one of the employees brought out a fresh new cart full of goodies!!! This is when things started getting hairy. You could see the look of primal rage and despair in people's eyes when they saw it. It was literally a free for all. There was the occasional shove and figures were getting pulled back and forth between two unlucky people who happened to grab the one figure they needed at the same time. Then everyone retreated back to their "caves" to sort through yet another round of pillaging.

I was beginning to lose all hope when suddenly the crowds started disappearing. The vultures had gotten full and went home to look over their new posessions. The good news to all this is that once the major part of the crowd left, the employees came out to totally replenish the stock. I did not have any trouble getting all 3 collections. However, my friend who was at the Toys R' Us in Louisville, said that the whole stock there sold out in 20 minutes. He said people were buying Whole Boxes!!. Truly, the madness is everywhere and the battle will heat up once again once daylight appears.

I got some really neat Darth Maul stuff that hopefully I'll get to post pictures of later. I am having trouble finding a camera and a scanner so I can't post any pics yet. I've got two finals in just a few hours so I'm heading to bed. Good luck to those around the globe who are taking part in this "war!" Truly, "War is hell"

May 2, 1999

The celebration has been raging on for two days now and I must confess, The Force.Net has the most exclusive coverage of the event. Here are a few of the things that I have found very interesting:

**McCallum mentioned that Lucas has signed off the final version of Episode I and it is ready to go...

**Most of the people at the Denver Celebration do not even recognize Jake Lloyd walking around looking at the toys

**There is a Darth Maul jacket on sale for $249 and there were only 250 made. (If you own one and get tired of it, I'll gladly take it off your hands =)

**Ray Park's makeup took an average of an hour and half to complete. That's pretty hardcore

**Episode I has a running time of 2 hours and 6 minutes and is rated PG

Even though many of us could not attend the Denver Celebration, it is very comforting to know that all one must do is go to the Internet to get all the latest details on whats happening. It's almost as good as being there (I said almost).

One last note: over at the Star Wars main site there is a section concerning Ray Park. It is an interview with Ray and is really interesting. You can find it here.

April 29, 1999

Well, it appears that everyone and their brother is flocking out to Denver for the Star Wars celebration. I really love the fact that finals HAVE to be scheduled practically the same time as the celebration. Oh well, we don't get everything we want in life I guess. I hope that everyone has a great time out there! *crosses fingers*

April 28, 1999

Just a quick news flash...I have received an AWSOME Maul collectible figure. Big thanks to Deadpool for giving me the hook up. It was made my Applause and Maul's saber even glows in the dark!!! I'm working on getting some scans of it up soon, so be sure to check back!

April 25, 1999

It looks as if the old poll has passed on. It is very encouraging to see an increase in the number of voters. It seems as if this his how the old poll broke down concerning Leonardo DeCaprio playing Anakin in Episode II and III:
  • Yes 5 votes (8%)
  • No 49 votes (80%)
  • Use The_Hermit (me!) 7 votes (11%)
In my opinion, let us hope that George agrees with the poll results as well. I was flattered at the 7 votes for me to play Anakin! Once again, let us hope that George agrees =) Now, with just a few weeks left until the opening of the movie and a few days before the novel is released, vote on the next poll. Take a look.

It seems as if Daily Sci-Fi, over at TheDen.Com are having a contest and the winner gets 2 tickets to the Episode I Premiere in San Francisco. What more? George will be attending the premiere himself! Do not pass this opportunity up. Enter the contest here.

There has been much debate on the Internet lately about when the Duel of the Fates single will air. Out of all the speculation, the date many now are focusing on is tomorrow!! It would be wise to check with your local radio station to see if they will be playing it.

April 21, 1999

What? Another update? IN THE SAME DAY? Well, yes. Especially for this kind of update. Thanks to Fang for pointing this out to me. Chris Jericho has updated the commentary on his page and claims that he cannot wait for the Phantom Menace to be released. We are all counting down the days, hours, minutes, seconds...etc. Here's something cooler than that, he is a Maul-a-Holic!! The world needs more of them. LOL

(12:24AM PST)
27 MORE DAYS!!! This is getting very unbearable. I'm in shock. I can't believe that it is this close.

Well, it looks like finals are getting the best of me. I just thought I would post this so everyone wouldn't think that I died or something. After the next 2 weeks or so, I'll be back on schedule with my updating. I even have a few good ideas in anticipation for the new movie. Excited??? (fine then, leave!! =)

April 16, 1999
(2:12PM PST)
The clock is ticking down! As of this writing we have 32 days, 10 hours, 39 minutes, and 12 seconds...I'm really getting excited because its a little under 5 weeks away. That really isn't that much time at all.

The other day I visited TheForce.Net and saw a picture of a Darth Maul towel for sale at K-Mart. It is definantly a really cool item to have for all of you Maul'a'holics out there! (Hey, that rhymed!) Here is the pic of the towel.

April 12, 1999
(8:21PM PST)
There were tons of pics released yesterday of The Phantom Menace. One of the pictures was of Darth Maul's ship. Although you cannot make out very much, it still looks really cool.

If you would like to see the other pics, head on over to As of this writing, the link does not work but I am assuming this is just temporary. Keep trying periodically throughout the day.

In the meantime, head over to TheForce.Net. They have obtained permission to distribute the pics so go check them out. You may have to search just a little bit to find them.

Finally, the has posted a few of the new pics (as well as some commentary to go with each). BE WARNED: There are some spoilers in the commentary!!! In fact, I learned a thing or two that I really didn't need to know. Oh well, that's what I get for snooping around. =)

April 8, 1999
(9:12PM PST)
Yea, I know, I'm a good liar. I said on the last update that I would, "...return later in the day." I promise that it will never happen again *crosses fingers*

I also wanted to let you people know that I haven't died or anything like that. The chief reason I have been gone is that, I haven't found very much interesting news on the internet lately.

I would like to mention that the official site has updated their Locations section Part 5/6: Jedi Temple.

April 5, 1999
(8:32PM PST)
After a long and intense Easter weekend, I'm ready to get back to updating the Corner. I have updated the Links section with a link to Phantom Menace Mania. Make sure you check it out.

Lousy update, I know. Do not despair for I shall return later in the day...

April 1, 1999
(4:42PM PST)
I have decided to close the Maul Art section because I did not know all of the artists of the art I had posted. And from the advice of my friend Trencher, I realized that it was not right posting other people's work without giving them credit.

You see, when I saved the art pieces I did not know who made most of them. I had originally planned to post the art and place a disclaimer at the top of the page saying that "the following art was not of my creation." When the appropriate artists saw their work, they could email me and I would give them credit.

The only problem with that is that most of the artists whose work is posted may NEVER see this site or their work on it, therefore never getting credit for their work.

Therefore, I am temporarily closing the Maul Art section until I can collect pieces of art from people and get their permission. If this has caused some type of inconvenience, I apologize and will try and think better before I do things like this in the future.

March 31, 1999

(1:20PM PST)
Welcome back to another day on the Dark Side! I proudly present to you the newest section to Maul's Corner...Maul Art!

This section will feature various forms of art of Maul. If you have any art of Maul, I would gladly post them. Make sure to check out this new section.

Also, I would like to wish Ewan McGregor a Happy 28th Birthday!!

March 30, 1999

(11:47PM PST)
Sometimes it seems like everything in the world starts piling up on you and suddenly you don't even have enough time to breathe. I promise, tommorrow I am updating the pics section with around 15, or so cartoon pics. Until tommorrow...
March 29, 1999

(12:33PM PST)
Well, like I said a few days ago, X-Wing Alliance has taken over my life. Hehe, not totally but the truth is there has not been much news regarding Darth Maul lately.

I have still kept my "ears" open and will try to bring you the latest happenings regarding Darth Maul. Here is something REAL interesting I have found out about Darth Maul. It is a cross-section of his personal ship. And let me tell you, it ROCKS!!

Some of the things displayed on this cross-section can be considered spoiler material. In a very detailed fashion, it describes the Sith Lord's personal craft. You have been warned, so, on with Darth Maul's craft.

Also, I hope everyone got to see the 60 Minutes show that featured a look into George Lucas' life. It was very interesting to see the other side of George. He has a very strong family with whom it seems he loves very much. I never knew George was so much of a family guy. Who would have thought???

The next thing we will hear is that Darth Maul loves kids too...hehe...

March 25, 1999

(12:43AM PST)
When Maul isn't busy slaying Light Side Jedi, he has a great past time, he plays X-Wing Alliance! For those of you who don't know, X-Wing Alliance is AWSOME!! I'm addicted already and I forsee many sleepless nights ahead =) Run out and get your copy now!!

March 24, 1999

(7:22AM PST)
I decided to do a little cleaning and organizing to Maul's Corner. Although they are listed in the scrolling text at the top, I am going to repeat what has been updated (because it is alot):
  • Added New poll
  • Added New section: Archived Polls
  • Maul Pics Updated!
  • About Me Updated! (I turned 20!) has updated their weapons section and this weeks feature is...(drum roll)...Maul's SABER!!! Be sure to check out the, even if it is somewhat brief, great description. I like the last paragraph, when it mentions a "rumored Dark Lord of the Sith." Yep, Obi-Wan and Ting Tong Tay (this is what I call Qui-Gon Jinn. Kind of catchy, don't you think?) are pretty much dead.

One last little bit of news before I leave. Ray Parks will be conducting a signing session this weekend (March 27, 28). It will be at Memorabilia 99 at NEC, Birmingham UK.

March 22, 1999

(7:22AM PST)
Hold onto your seats but I just caught I rumor over at E!Online. I apologize if someone else reported this first (email me and I'll correct it) but I heard something that pretty much left me dazed...

Remember, as of now, this is purely RUMOR. However, it is rumored that Leonardo DiCaprio has expressed great interest in playing Anakin in Episode II. Yep, you heard me right. We're all looking at a possible Leo Skywalker?!?

I know your feelings. I liked Titanic but I'm not sure if I can have much respect for the next two Episodes if Leo was cast as Anakin. I can only picture him screaming, "I'm the Darth Lord of the galaxy" while standing on the front of the Super Star Destroyer. Oh well, that would make an interesting poll question...hmmmmm...

March 21, 1999

(5:01AM PST)
Geez, I hope most of you had better luck than I did at Wal Mart tonight. They already had a spot for XWA, but it wasn't there yet. Oh well, they do say patience is a virtue...

Just a minor follow-up to the comparison between the Bible and Star Wars. If you wish to visit the authors homepage, you can find it here.

March 20, 1999

(4:25PM PST)
For all you X Wing Alliance fans out there, I've read on various internet sites that Wal Mart has recieved the game. Yes, IT'S OUT!!! However, most computer game stores do not have it yet...strange, but oh well.

Apparently over at Ebay, there have been a few "Trailer B" films up for bid. Obviously, if they are authentic, then they are illegal copies and it is advisable not to purchase them. Ebay has even posted a warning to a few people who have bidded on these copies. This story can be found here. You may have to scroll down a bit.

Even though this may not interest some of you, there has been a recent release of a book entitled, "Unlocking the Mysteries of the Force." It is a book comparing the Bible to Star Wars. It is very good reading if you are interested in such things. The article can be found and TheForce.Net here.

March 17 1999

(1:16PM PST)
I just now added the scrolling text at the top of the page. What do you think? I would appreciate any feedback that you may have.

Over at Countingdown to Star Wars, Lincoln has devised a new T-Shirt idea. It figures that Maul would have to be on the front of it, considering he's the man and all. I like what it says on the back..."Titanic Wrecking Crew" Hehe, that ship is going down for the last time after Episode I is released...

March 15, 1999

(1:32PM PST)
Apparently the question over exactly what happens to Maul's saber has grown. TheForce.Net has updated their article concerning it. Head on over and check it out.

This is a little bit of "un-Maul" news but over at VirtualEdition, they have an article concerning the Jabba the Hutt scene in the latest trailer. I am not sure how in the world anyone even noticed this but take a peek over Jabba's right shoulder (our left). What? I am not going to tell you, go over to their site and look for yourself.

March 14, 1999

(10:38AM PST)
I do not know how I missed this in Trailer B. Well, I recognized it but did not really think that much about it. If you'll notice, one particular scene that has Obi-Wan and Maul dueling, Maul's lightsaber looks a little shorter than normal. I initially thought he just had one end ignited but when you take a closer look at the handle itself, you'll notice something different. It is REALLY short compared to when you see it in the other trailer. There are many interesting ideas on why this is. Everything from, Maul breaks it into two parts to Obi-Wan cuts it in two. Who knows??? It is an interesting question none the less.

March 12, 1999

(2:06PM PST)
It seems as if people are starting to look at Maul in a different way. Over at TheForce.Net they are running a poll. Actually, it is similiar to mine but, of course, not many people pass through here =( Anyways, the poll question is, "Who is your favorite character from Trailer B?" I bet you cannot guess whose winning...DARTH MAUL!! He's kind of dominating with Obi-Wan coming in 2nd. Head on over and show your support for Maul!!!

One last tid bit...although this really is not NEWS to anyone. Most people saw Trailer B, which was released yesterday. For those that didn't, the release date for Epidsode I has been moved up 2 days. This means it will be released May 19, 1999. Unbelievable, but Lucas claims that he wants to give fans a head start on the film and families a chance to see it on the weekend.

March 11, 1999

(6:19PM PST)
Okay, I am still trembling a little, but I feel like I am ready to do this update. You see, I just got done watching the new trailer for the first time on E!. It had some many elements that were introduced that were not present in the first trailer. Most importantly, Maul got more spotlight. We get to see Maul tearing some annuals!! Specifically, Obi-Wan's!! I suggest either you go to the official site or

I was kind of blown away by exactly how much they revealed during this trailer. However, it would seem as if, "Now I know what's going on!" or "What else can there possibly be?" Well, in the latest issue of the Star Wars Insider, Rick McCallum made the comment, "We could make ten of those two-minute trailers and never repeat the same sequence and show something different in every one." Do not think that you know what is going to happen because I've got the feeling, George left out ALOT of stuff that will shock audiences around the world.

I have added some Maul pics of him and Obi Wan doing the "mano a mano" thing. In my opinion, I think Maul was just playing with him =) Well, here is a list of things I have either updated, or added:
  • Maul pics
  • Maul sounds added
  • Ray Park added

March 10, 1999

(4:07PM PST)
With the new trailer right around the corner, rumors are being posted left and right. Everything from what movie exactly will have the trailer attatched to it, all the way to whether the date at the end of the trailer is May 19. If this last one is true, it would be an interesting turn of events. E! Daily News is supposed to be airing the new trailer tommorrow night at 7PM eastern time. Be sure to set your VCRs if you want to wait and see it on the big screen.

The official Star Wars site has recently updated their news section concerning Episode I. Rick McCallum states that everthing is on schedule and they will definantly have Episode I ready for delivery on time. It also discusses the fact that the score for the movie has been completed and other things. Be sure to head over there and check it out.
(12:35AM PST)
BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!! Okay, so Lincoln over at never said, technically, that "The new Star Wars trailer will be here on Tuesday!!" However, what else were we to expect when he announced something BIG, something 15-20 MB??? Anyways, it has nothing to do with the new trailer and honestly I feel stupid for even thinking that he could even do something like that without Lucasfilm getting involved. Oh well, at least the real trailer comes out this Friday...

On a side note apart from the Prequels, for all of you that are eagerly awaiting X-Wing Alliance to be released, get ready to have your every XWA wish come true. XWA has went gold and is headed to manufacturing. It will be avaliable some time at the end of this month.

March 8, 1999

(11:32PM PST)
There is not that much news to post, but what little there is, IT'S BIG!! First things first... has updated their page concerning the new trailer release. They are stating that the new trailer will be showing on a variety of films. This means that although Wing Commander is a possibility, it will not be the only film it will be attatched to.

Secondly, and most importantly, rumor has it that there will be a party over at Countingdown.comand all Episode 1 fans should be there for a "treat." If you know what I mean. There will be a 15-20 MB "keg" there.. If you don't get it, then just make sure you are there sometime tommorrow. I know I am going to be there.

(7:28AM PST)
I was just over at TheForce.Net and noticed they are having a contest. The prize is a copy of the Terry Brooks Episode I adaptation. Even if you do not read very much, it would make a nice FREE gift anyways if you won.

(12:57AM PST)
Maul's corner has taken on a very different look. However, since not many people know this page is here, it really makes no sense in me announcing that =) Everything is getting very exciting because the 2nd Trailer is almost ready to be released. The release date is March 12, 1999 and the reported film it will be attatched to is Wing Commander.

This has probably been on the internet for some time now, but I thought I might mention it to those (like me) who did not know it existed. It is the diary of someone who was an extra in TPM. I have already read it and assure you it contains no spoilers. It is really interesting to read and imagine if YOU were that person. It would be very exciting to be an extra in TPM, wouldn't you agree? Here is a list of what has been updated:

March 5, 1999
(3:52PM PST)
I have been working triple time the past 4 days/nights, trying to get this place polished up a little. You would not believe how hard it is to find a free counter. Maybe I should not be so stingy and just pay for one =) Here is what I have done to this page in the past few days/nights:

  • added guest book
  • added message board
  • added Episode I pics
  • added About Maul section
  • updated Maul pics
  • updated About Me

Last night I chatted with Episode I: The Phantom Menace's producer, Rick McCallum on !Yahoo Chat. He did not give away very much at all about the new movie. The conversation was focused more on the budget of Episode I and other production features. Luckily, yours truly got his question answered 5th!! Here is a clip from the session:

  • Jedi_Hermit asks: What was it like working with George Lucas? What kind of guy is he?
  • StarWars_McCallum: How much time do we have?
  • StarWars_McCallum: He's such a consumate filmmaker.
  • StarWars_McCallum: There is no aspect that he is not keenly aware off.
  • StarWars_McCallum: He has great knowledge. He's a wonderful leader.
  • StarWars_McCallum: It's very very easy to work with him.

Rick is the man!! (Next to George, of course) I had to log on as Jedi_Hermit, instead of The_Hermit, because someone else already beat me to that one. Oh well, it was a great chat session. Check out the full transcript at StarWars.Com.

March 1, 1999
(11:36PM PST)

Maul's Corner was concieved!! I'm not totally certain at what time, but it was a beautiful sight (no pun intended). This page is dedicated to the deadliest adversary ever to any Jedi...Darth Maul!! I am trying to find what pics I can on the internet and as I find them, I will post them. From time to time, there will also be Star Wars related news here. For now, this page is still under heavy construction, but please keep coming back. May Darth Maul live on and kill everyone!!!

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