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Hello Ladies

Who would have thought that Maul would become such a sex symbol to so many women? I suppose that being a Lord of the Sith would have its advantages. When Maul is not out searching for Jedi to slay, he takes time off and relaxes with his lady friends. Here is what some of the ladies are saying:

Demona wrote this:
" I'm just Emailing you to say that Maul is the sexiest thing I have EVER seen. Everything about him is completely irresistable, especially that voice of his ::purrr:: His moves are absolutely incredible, andh is face is also very attractive. I love the way he growls while he's fighting, it makes me drool. While he's fighting and going through his set of gorgeously sexy moves, I wish I could somehow enter the movie screen and jump him, he can battle me with his lightsaber any day."

One female Maul fan thinks this:
"Darth Maul really has it going for him. Like all the women who've so explicitly spelt out their carnal desires for Mr. Maul on this page, I must say that after seeing Episode 1, I find that I, too, am now physically drawn to him. I'm not sure what it is but he's really got sex appeal. That's why there's something about him that's just so darn sexy. And boy, can he kick ass! He's definitely the foxiest villain to hit the silver screen! I hope they clone him in the coming episodes."

Gene had this to say:
"At practice the other night, my best friend gave me a pic. of the perfect man (of coarse I mean Darth Maul.) I came home and was quite obsessively looking for (more) pics. of him. I just so happened to come across this site. Darth Maul is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy. The first time I saw the movie, my friends had to (quite literally) hold me down. I see him and my hormones go wild. I swear if I ever see him in real life I will jump on him in a heart beat!!!!!!!! I LOVE DARTH MAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Gwen and her sister writes this:
"We (my sister and I) are sooo happy and relieved to find out we are not alone. Darth Maul/Ray Park is so damn sexy. His moves, his stare, even his teeth, hey I don't care. The way he handles his double light saber rocks my world. We have seen the movie 3 times so far and plan to see it again because of him. So we thought we were freaks, now at least I know we are not alone. He is a master at his craft and we are the admiring fans. So, Darth Maul can be by pimp ANYDAY. Oh and we almost shed a tear when he died. I hope a clone of him will be in the next one."

One Maul fan wrote in saying:
"As I was obsessively searching for websites on Darth Maul (the most sexy man my eyes have ever beheld) I came across this lovely Maul site. I feel I must share my true feelings on the subject of this physical speciman. He's hot. My hormones rage when the doors open and I see the man of my most erotic fantasies standing there. OHhhhhhhhh... The caged tiger thing appeals to my most primitive animal instincts. His weapon (whatever it may be) is expecially attractive. The kicking and fighting abilitys, which he posseses, is the most adorable and sexually appealing display of manliness and athletic prowess that exists in the known universe. In short, I want Maul to maul me."

Charly writes in saying:
"I personally am head-over-heels for Darth Maul, and I appreciate your "Maul the Pimp" section. Darth Maul is so evil and masculine, his voice is so deep and mysterious, and he is so indescribably sexy. I could just imagine him after a long day of killing jedi, grabbing me and forcing me to comply with his twisted sexual desires.But, then, I would be a willing accomplice, I should think. Thank you for your beautiful site, and keep up the good work!!!"

Bith Sith romantically writes:
"Hello! Great site. :-) I'm here to lend support to my friend, Mercedes. Months ago (right after the release of the first trailer) I decided that Darth Maul was the most utterly delicious morsel ever to grace the SW saga. It was lust at first sight. The attraction is hard to explain- it's his speed, prowess, agility, power, athleticism, skill, voice (omigod!), relentless drive, ferocious personality, and intense, penetrating stare. (Not to mention his blatantly Freudian double-bladed lightsaber, and spaceship- the Infiltrator.) He just oozes sex appeal and raw, animal magnetism. Frankly, the guy looks like he'd be a dynamo in the sack. Maul appeals to my most primal instincts. He also has an aura of intelligence, a kind of honor even- and his voice is deceptively soft and alluring, almost kind. This dichotomy gives him a mysterious, intriguing dimention and a lasting appeal."

MaulChic writes in again saying:
"Top Ten Reasons Maul is better than my man:
1)He knows who his master is and he isnt afraid to say it.
2)His weapon is twice as big as everyone elses.
3)He grunts without emitting an odor.4)Black goes with everything.
5)He never shifted his cloak to "straighten out the boys.".
6)hes not ashamed to wear a comlink, you'd always know where he is.
7)Hes the only guy I know who says less than I want to hear.
8)Once he pulls out that weapon, he'll finish the job or die trying.
9)He walks softly, AND carries a big stick.10)He's employed!!!

Mercedes wrote:
"Hello Hermit. You got a really great site there; I'm a Star Wars Chick and I found it through a link in SWC. You needed more mail from girls like me? Well my attraction to him is because of a lot of things, I mean that evil smile when he was pacing, the unearthly grace and power he's got. It obvious he's better at dueling than the other two. Plus, like you said, his voice is different from the rest of him, which adds to the charm. Now I'm drifting off here...:) I got a friend who's better at describing these things than I. I'll point out your site to her, maybe she'll e-mail you. Keep up the good work!"

Maulchic wrote:
"Finally someone who wants to hear about my Darth Maul infatuation. His mystery is what lures me to him, and its his sex appeal that keeps me there. Hes agile and strong, quick and dangerous, four things any woman REALLY wants in a man. So he has horns...big deal? And the tattoos? Only adds to his sexiness. He is wicked cool with that double edged light saber, and I would love to take a ride on the back of his the very least! I think he'd be a wild man in bed, and I want to know more about him and his VERY attractive alter ego, Ray Park. So everyone stop thinking Im nuts for passing over Liam Neeson and Ewan McGregor. Maul is the man for me, and Im not alone!"

Anastacia wrote:
"maybe it's something that i've held over from my gothic chick days, but let's face it: there's something ridiculously attractive about evil guys in makeup. don't ask me what it is, i'm sure i don't know, but it has to be said. darth maul is delicious. i can hardly remember the rest of the movie, all for the scene with maul, qui-gonn, and obi-wan and the barriers... the caged animal thing... ooh. parks' maul is the lushest villain since bela lugosi seduced the moviegoing women of the world with one little bite."

Mrs. Darth Maul seemed kind of upset at all this attention Maul has been getting and wrote:
"you are retarded. Darth Maul is my boyfriend, and his voice is not gentle and intelligent. He is rough and manly. so there."

MissJedi herself writes:
"LOL! Actually, I added him to my hunks page because I have received the same kind of comments. And, I have to admit, after seeing the film, there is something incredibly sexy about Maul, believe it or not. I can't explain it myself. I mean, I never found Vader sexy (although Boba Fett can be described that way). It might be the way he moves, his facial shape, the way he kicks ass! I don't know but yes, there are many females out there who find him that way!"

Slade writes:

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