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Jason's Memory Page

My son was born on Easter Sunday,April 18, 1976. He was a beautiful perfect baby boy, my hopes for his life were high. Though I was a single teenage parent, I thought I could raise him to be the perfect gentleman. He would be kind, sensitive, caring and loving. He would be intelligent (and handsome, of course). As a child he would be carefree and happy. As an adult he would have a career he was happy with. Marry someone who loved him almost as much as I did and appreciate having such a wonderful husband, then have a sweet baby or two. I would enjoy my grandchildren for years, die an old woman, content with having lived a full, happy life.

I often wonder, if all parents have these same dreams for their children. When their children grow into adulthood, maybe the man they see isn't the one they imagined. Even still, so special in their own way.

No matter how far away it seems a child is from the dreams parents had, maybe, it is much closer to their hopes than they might ever know, without being in my situation. You see, I have now realized that dreams are just hopes, that often take different paths.

In the end, what we dream for the life of our child, is that they live their life to the fullest. No matter how long God allows us to keep one of his own, we hope they can say they had a good time while they were here.

On Sunday, May 3, 1998 I got a call that ended all the dreams I ever had for my son, he was in the water at Otay Lake in San Diego, CA. Search efforts had been suspended, there was no hope of Jason being alive, all that was left was to recover his body, bring him home and say goodbye.

As part of saying goodbye I would like to share some of his life with you in these pages. Jason had many friends that also have to say goodbye.

It is time.
We all miss him and I hope that we always will because my hopes are different for him now.

Jason's Favorite Things

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