Davooreeno Productions

The original outline for the summer movie "The Twin Rivers Incident"

A movie to be shot over Christmas is in preproduction.

Past Movies

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The Twin Rivers Incident(8/99)

Kid Dylan(11/98)-pictures
An abstract childhood drama. The emulation of the musical hero, Bob Dylan, leads a child to pursue the road, and leave his constricting world behind.

Phat Bass Lines(6/98-8/98)-pictures
The mayor's political rebel son, intends to start his own political party. A domineering foster parent loses his money at the casino. The two money dependant forces collide in a chaotic tournament of Clue.

Rob Stalker 2-pictures
The Stalker saga continues, as Ringo goes to the country police department. The mind of Rob is explored in a way only Rob can be explained.

Mr. Magurdy
Hitler's Children(12/97)
The Bullfighter-pictures
Thoreau & Friends
Allis Chalmer Farmers(12/96)-pictures
Rob Stalker-pictures
No Son of Mine-pictures
Brother Amos Blacksmith-pictures
Mr. Fox Spanish Guru

Chris Rennier glove/chemist/ice tea mixer opaque watch & slinger Eric Davis animal/magnetician/folklore garbage wrestler & lightbulb

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