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MJ Duchene, BA, BS,
Candidate for Mayor,
WSP, General Election,
2010, website and positions

Congratulations John Zanmiller
Primary Election Results 2004:

• West St. Paul Native
• Sibley High School 
• Disability and Senior
• Founder and Member:
• West St. Paul Resident and       Homeowner

• Owner, OpusArts LLC.
• Lecturer on US Culture:
      American Embassy, England
• Portrait Artist, Revlon International
• Legal Education in London, England,        and Member of  the  Honorable        Society of Grays Inn
• BFA  in Fine Art  from  the Minneapolis        College of Art and Design


or call: 651 457 4376



Thank you all for voting for me!

Quality Housing Program:


•   Mary Jane will work to ensure that available federal funding is obtained for required repairs low income and senior citizens in West St. Paul, so that these citizens do not continue to be in danger of loosing their homes, from abatements added on to property taxes.

•   Mary Jane believes that the community in West St. Paul want to be caring and supportive of the disabled, low income and senior property owner, and will want to develop their neighborhood programs to include meaningful development of volunteer programs to assist these disadvantaged citizens with mandated home repairs.


City Attorney:
     Mary Jane will work for the appointment of a city attorney who resides and offices from West St. Paul, not South St. Paul; and who has no conflicts of interest that impede ethical action, see:
     Mary Jane has the experience and skill to work for a community that welcomes the disabled, seniors, and members of ethnic minorities, and which enforces laws prohibiting the taking of unethical and illegal advantage of people in these protected classes;- and will work diligently to remedy the current status quo to achieve these equitable results.






















Prepared and Paid for by the Duchene 4 Mayor Volunteer Committee, 1144 Ottawa Avenue, West St. Paul, MN 55118

It's Time for the Change to Tolerance, Diversity
and Ethical Government in West St. Paul

New People in Government = CHANGE