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10/7/04 added a few new children dolls: Gillian, Maggie, Edmond, Emily, Edward. You can view them on the Children page.

9/15/04: handfull of children dolls added. New lower price for adult dolls.

6/9/04: 8 new porcelain dolls: 5 children and 3 adults. Please visit the Dolls page to see the new additions.

5/20/04: new category of children added, under doll's page. Tiny 3 1/14" porcelain girls and boys. Go to dolls page and then, click on children to see the growing selection.

3/14/04: 2 new gold perfume sets, 1 corset, 1 necklace on bust, all added to accessories page.

3/9/04: 2 new sets of toilety bottles added to accessories page. 5 new porcelain ladies added to dolls page.

1/28/04: 1 new chemise on mannequin added to accessories page.

1/23/04: 1 new porcelain doll added. 2 corsets and 2 hats added to accessories page.

1/7/04: 4 new porcelain dolls added.

1/5/04: New site lauches, with new business name and updated web graphics and navigation buttons.