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Here you can view my porcelain dolls. The finest porcelain is poured into a mould. After being removed, it is meticulously cleaned and refined. Then kiln fired to cone 6 (about 2200 degrees fahrenheit).

The porcelain is then sanded and buffed to a silky smooth finish. Delicate features are china painted, applied in 5 layers and kiln fired after each layer. This ensures depth and realism, in the eyes and the soft glow of the mouth and cheeks.

The body and limbs are then assembled and prepared for dressing. The costumes are researched thoroughly to ensure historical accuracy. I use only the finest silks, cottons, antique laces and ribbons to make an heirloom quality piece to be treasured for years.

The ladies are approximately 5/12" tall, (not including their hats) and have fully posable bodies, which means they can sit, bend down and pose their arms in a variety of positions. Clothes and hats are not removable.

Please keep in mind that these dolls are handpainted and may vary very slightly from the picture. Rest assured, all my work is satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not happy with your doll for any reason, your purchase price will be refunded.

Please click on each picture for a full sized photo with clothing details along with pricing and ordering info.