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*Last Update*: 10:23 PM CST 25 April 2003
(all future games delayed until finals are over! ...which should be the weekend of May 17)
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Game System: Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition
Campaign Setting: Forgotten Realms
Game Master: Flynn the Elder
Players: 13? (Names of 6 below)
Last Game Played: 12 April (10:30PM - 2:15AM)
Next Game: ...when finals are over! (weekend of May 17)

The Campaign

Beyond the Heartlands: The Savage North...

The North, known also as the Savage North and the Savage Frontier, is a wild, untamed, and dangerous land located north and east of Waterdeep. The very definition of the North depends on the definer -- to a merchant from Calimport, everything north of Tethyr, while a native to Silverymoon, the North begins beyond that reasonable city's walls.

The North is a land of barbarians and goblin tribes, and is dotted by walled cities and ancient dwarven fastnesses. The highest mountains in Faerun, the Spine of the World, form the North's uppermost border. Most of its forests are still virgin and untrammeled by human settlement.

As such, it attracts both adventurers and settlers. Adventurers seek the wreckage of the lost kingdoms, the abandoned dwarf holds, and the wizard towers. The settlers look for new lands to farm and new opportunities. As in the Western Heartlands, the region is dotted with the small holds and settlements of this retired adventurer and petty lord. Some, like Loudwater and Leilon, grow into full-fledged cities, while others perish quietly, leaving ghostly reminders of humankind's passage this way.

High Forest...

The greatest forest in the North is the High Forest, and it has remained untouched by woodcutters' blades for centuries. It is the home of powerful druids, half-elves, and elven refugees. Treants dominate the northern quarter, known as the Woods of Turlang. Drow and orcs are said to dwell in the earth deep beneath the forest. Aarakocra nest in the high mountains at the center, which are known as the Star Mounts. A series of escarpments and gorges created by the flow of the Unicorn Run, called the Sisters, lies to the south of the Star Mounts.

The High Forest was part of the old elven kingdom of Earlann, but great stretches of it have never seen a ruler of any race. The woods are regarded as magical, and wizard weather is relatively common within their borders -- blood-red snow, boiling rain, and explosive hailstones being not unknown occurrences. It is said that the Dire Wood, an enchanted section of the forest that once ruined Karse, is responsible for the destructive weather.

Playing Characters

Aluvial Telanphar: played by Wendi
Durlan Silverpalm: played by Cook
Gwydor: played by Kevin
Kratz: played by Trevor
Nalieve: played by Leah
Tzar: played by Josh

Major NPC's

Dominic ("Dom") Tasseldorf (drawn by Aron)

Game History

January 25: Quaervaar Lycanthrope Issue ALMOST Resolved!
February 7: Quaervaar Battle Resolution
February 14: Silverymoon -- It all starts to come together?
February 21: Kratz makes friendly with Alustriel and Drizzt (solo game)
April 5 & 12: Enter the Evermoors

THE RUNDOWN: A summary of the ENTIRE HISTORY thus far!

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written by Wendilyn