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TELEPHONE: ________________________________ TELEPHONE: ____________________________________
DATE OF SALE: ___________________BREED OF DOG:________________________________SEX:_________
BREEDER'S NAME:____________________________________________________________________________
AKC REG. NUMBER:____________________________DATE OF BIRTH:______________________________ SIRE:______________________________________________________AKC NUMBER:___________________ DAM:______________________________________________________AKC NUMBER:___________________
PURCHASE PRICE:________________

  1. Dog is purebred. Pedigree is correct and given at time of sale. Dog is registrable with AKC on a limited registration.
  2. It is understood that with proper care on the part of the buyer, in due time the dog should be of acceptable temperament and structure, and should embody the basic standards of the breed.
  3. At option and expense of buyer -- 72 hour health guarantee through examination by a veterinarian acceptable to both parties. The buyer will be entitled to a refund, provided the dog is returned to the seller. The registration papers are to be returned with the dog. A supplemental transfer paper must also be signed by the buyer.

This dog is sold on a limited registration. A dog with a limited registration cannot be entered in any AKC events. Neither can any offspring be registered. This dog is sold as a non-breeding animal. The buyer agrees to spay/neuter the dog at an appropriate time as recommended by his/her veterinarian. A dog that has limited registration can have its registration up-graded to full registration only upon the written permission of the breeders and so submitted to AKC. If the bueyr wishes to have the dog eligible to compete in AKC obedience events, the breeder will upgrade the registration, provided that proof of spay/neuter is presented. This will require a veterinarian's statement to that effect.

Buyer agrees to provide the following: Annual veterinary checkups, including guidelines, to properly administer heart worm preventative, to provide indoor housing, to confine the animal in a fenced yard or kennel run, and walk on leash when out of doors. The dog will not be confined on a rope or chain.

If buyer is unable to continue to care of this dog and needs to dispose of this dog, buyer agrees to contact the seller. The seller does not agree to a refund of the purchase price, but will try to assist and advise in the placement of the dog in a suitable new home. Seller is allowed first option to buy back the dog.

Additional items that must be clarified:___________________________________________________________________________________



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