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Grooming Photo Album

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List members have contributed photos showing examples of good Westie head grooming in their opinions. The comments on grooming are made by the individuals who sent the photos.

Ruthie age 9 months

Jane Kabel - No chalk, no teasing, just a bit of baby powder


This is Arty, age 9 months,groomed by Jane Kabel He has "just a bit of cholesteral and baby powder" in his hair.

Lady (Nancy Stalnaker)

Nancy says she didn't groom this head, but does like the way it's done

I have no information on this dog

Mitch - age 5 years (Jane Kabel)

There is no chalk or hair spray in his head - no teasing

Frankie age 16 months (Pat Roark)

No spray or chalk in this head. No teasing. I just ran a brush through it and took the picture. Photo taken at home on grooming table.

Cobbie - age 2 Pat Roark

Head done by Dora Lee Wilson in 1986. No teasing, no spray

Zippie (Nancy Stalnaker)

Doc (Rose Carpenter)

Susan Reeves

........Casey and his Mom, Lacy 13 years old! Head prep includes (on wet heads) prior to drying Crown Royale's Bodifier, with Ring 5 Texture Plus Mousse then blow dry up and out. Some chalk, ratting and hair spray.

(Rose Carpenter)