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Grooming Photo Album

List members have contributed photos showing examples of good Westie grooming in their opinions. The comments on grooming are made by the individuals who sent the photos.

CH. Morven

Perhaps this is a good place to start, with one of the first Westie champions. For those who think they started a new look with shorter hair in the rear, take a look. LOL

Abbey (Jane Kabel U.K.) Llovall

This is Abbey, groomed by Jane Kabel and in her opinion "looked just right on the day."

Abbey (Jane Kabel U.K.) Llovall

Jane calls this "Abbey's Bum" VBG

Abbey (Jane Kabel U.K.) Llovall

This is Abbey as she looked two weeks before the show. Jane trimmed her by computer first, as you can see. Then trimmed her "for real".

Photo is of a Swedish Bitch

Jane Kabel says this bitch is groomed to perfection in her opinion

Swedish Bitch With Computer Trim

Well not quite perfection. LOL Jane has used her magic computer to put some finishing touches on this photo. She is willing to do this for others who would like to volunteer photos of their dogs.

Cobbie (Pat Roark) Innesfree

The two photos of Cobbie (Ch Innesfree's Double Dare) were taken on the same day in 1986. Grooming was done by Dora Lee Wilson. I liked the way she did legs, front and head.

This head was done without teasing.

Erin (Jim McGarr) Birchbark

Am Ch Country Girl Erin O Birchbark --- i like the grooming, the rear is not as sculpted here as some of my dogs now. her coat is hard and white with lots of undercoat so it was not hard to make a mistake she is a standard size bitch 10 in....when i had her in a 2 in coat..i thought it made her look dumpy so i kept it at inch or less on her jacket

Hazel (Jim McGarr) Birchbark

Am Ch Birchbark Dirt Devil....again very thick coated..her rear is very sculpted...i started the bib lower on her chest to shorten her up...although she is not long i kept her skirt short as i like the leggier look...i did not tease her head as much as some of my dogs i showed.

Dillon (Sandy Davis) Larkinstone

Dillon, Ch. Lymehill's So Simple, owned and groomed by Sandy is shown in a candid photo at MC last year.

Lulu (Carol Medrzycki) Starrcrest

Lulu, Can Ch.L'Esprit's Honolulu Baby, is owned and groomed by Carol, finishing work by David Gignac. Lulu was bred by the late Gary Gabriel.

Poppy (Carol Medrzycki) Starrcrest

Int Ch Starrecrest's Poppy Seed is an example of West Coast grooming.