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When a Special Child Steps into this World We are Forever Changed

This Web Site is Designed To:

*1.) Give Insight on How to Cope with Grief
*2.) Help Parents Who Have a Special Needs Child
*3.) Writing, Publishing & Marketing
Janet is an author of the book-LIFE AFTER GRIEF

"It wasn't until I was 35 and pregnant with my second child did I question my life's purpose. Ten weeks after Clint was born, he had his first seizure. A rare, terminal brain disorder called lissencephaly was discovered. Six months later my first son Jesse, was diagnosed with autism and I found out I was pregnant! Our sweet dreams of an average family were shattered and my life became a roller coaster of emotions. I kept a journal to help me sort through some ugly days and I prayed daily for guidance. When Clint died (eight days before our third son Travis, was born) my writing became more intense and the journal gradually turned into a book."

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Links to Disabilities, Support Groups and Other Information, CLICK HERE.

AUTISM Information, Jesse's World and Autism Links, CLICK HERE.

Janet's been helping others ever since the death of her second child Clint. "So many wonderful people helped me through trying times in my life and I want to do the same". In addition to her book, Janet Rosauer helps team-teach a community college course on publishing, along with marketing strategies. She makes herself available for speaking engagements on the subjects of coping with grief, raising an autistic child, writing, publishing and marketing. If you're interested in having her speak on any of these issues or would like more information, you may use the e-mail listed above.

For information on Writing, Publishing and Marketing, CLICK HERE.