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People tell me the experience of losing a child or having a child with a disability will make you stronger and I can honestly tell you, I don't know. What I do know is I'm a little wiser, tolerant, patient and have a lot more empathy than ever before. I feel we're all put on this earth for a purpose, that everyone of us are students and teachers. We all must grow mentally and emotionally at our own ability, before we go to the next level of existence. I look at the little things that used to bother me and now think they were so trivial. Life is just too short to waste our time and energy on them. None of us knows when it's our time to die, but I certainly want to help many people and make as much of a good impact as possible before I go. I hope by telling this story about reaching out to a higher power, you can receive enough strength to get you through things you could never imagine possible.

I thank the good Lord for sending us three of his beautiful, special angels. They taught us so much in such a short time, and we're still learning from each of them every day. Grief doesn't just magically go away. It fades away so slowly, you think it will never end, which it doesn't...not totally. But I look at myself now and see I'm making the most out of my life after grief.

Links for Families or Care-givers who are:

Coping with Loss or Dealing with a Disability

MOTHERS UNITED FOR MORAL SUPPORT (MUMS)-For parents of children with rare disorders
THE ARC OF THE UNITED STATES-Committed to the welfare of all children & adults with mental retardation & their families
COMPASSIONATE FRIENDS-A support for families who've experienced the death of a child/children
SPECIAL CHILD-For Parents & Care-givers of Children with Special Needs
SPECIAL NEEDS PROJECT-Good Books on Disabilities
EXCEPTIONAL PARENT MAGAZINE-For parents of children with special needs