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How to Respond to Someone Who is Suicidal:

1. NEVER LEAVE A SUICIDAL PERSON ALONE, until parents or designates can take charge.

2. NEVER SWEAR SECRECY when it comes to any "life threatening" situation.

3. Express your concerns. Speak directly. Ask them if they intend to kill themselves.

4. Accept what they say, and always treat any suicidal threat as serious. Never ignore the threat.

5. Talk in respectful, but frank terms. Listen attentively. AVOID GIVING GLIB ADVICE.

6. Don't say "everything will be all right." The promise may not be true in some cases.

7. Never delay dealing with the issue. If possible, explore causal factors and needs for change.

8. Explore other ways in which the suicidal child can be evaluated and further supported.

9. If a suicidal child resists help, and the threat is immediate, call the police and the parents.