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The recommended initial dose is 20 mg/day, generally with an increase to 40 mg/day after one week. It may be increased up to a maximum of 60 mg/day. Seniors will require lower dosing, as will people with kidney or liver problems. Celexa helps to restore the brain's chemical balance by increasing the supply of a substance in the brain called serotonin. Celexa appears to relieve depression by increasing serotonin without affecting many of the other chemicals in the brain that influence mood.

What can I expect from Celexa?

You may start to feel relief from some symptoms, such as depressed mood, after taking Celexa for only one week. Most people can expect to feel the full benefits of Celexa in four weeks. To get the most out of Celexa, always take your medication exactly as prescribed by your physician. It is important to continue taking Celexa even if you begin to feel relief from your depression. Be patient. You didn't suddenly become depressed, and full recovery takes time. Your doctor may ask you to keep taking Celexa long after your depression has been relieved, to help keep it from coming back.

Will I have side effects when taking Celexa?

Celexa is well tolerated by many people. The most frequent side effects reported with Celexa are nausea, dry mouth, drowsiness, insomnia, increased sweating, tremor, diarrhea, and problems with ejaculation. People taking Celexa generally do not suffer from insomnia, agitation, nervousness, or anxiety any more than people not taking Celexa. Furthermore, Celexa has not been associated with clinically significant weight changes. Be sure to talk to your doctor promptly if you have any side effects when taking Celexa. A simple adjustment in dosage may be all that is required. Celexa is well tolerated.