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United Nations Electronic Simulation

This is a place to discuss issues pertaining to a global community. You pick a country and try to learn all about your country and be able to  debate the issues that arise in each of the organs ( like a congress with a lot of countries in it). So organs are large. To see more about organs click here.

Also you need to understand what the United Nations is here for. They do not put in troops for the fun of It they see troops as the last option.

Here is how this works. In the each of the organs, a problem is found and than they reach a resolution. Or a country can propose a problem and make their own resolution. Than, the organ can debate on it. They speak how they feel about it, and try to sway others. But remember you should follow what your country would do. Like China would not vote for Human Right resolution because they do not believe in it. But if a country doesn't like a part of it, they may propose an amendment. This amendment,
may remove a line, ( strike line #, what ever the number may be)
or it could get rid of a line and replace re-wording or a new idea.
Or you can add a line all together,
or you could add words to lines.
So pretty much you can do everything. If you are not sure about what you can do try it. I will stop it if is not right. It is ok to be wrong for once. Than once an amendment is introduced the organ debates on it again. And once a country feels there is enough of debate they say "I move for previous question" . And the organ votes on say I or nay they vote to vote. Once, this is passed they again keep on the resolution until someone says "I move for previous question. " and than they do it all over again to vote. Just like in the amendment.
The only difference for committees in the GA is that they vote on a resolution to show it to they whole GA. This is all the committees together. They follow they same procedure.

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