Tuesday - 2/22/2000

Lavalle @ 12:01am - Flash Down, Sorry
"The flash site for AnimeNight is down for a short time, we are currently working non-stop to make it the best. Thank you everone for e-mailing us telling us the Flash site was not loading all the way. The problem was that we just had too much information and pictures and sounds to be able to load, so now we are going to make it smaller so you can enjoy it all. So keep comming back. The Pokemon Rocks one is still working fine, so enjoy that. Pokemon Flash "

Wensday - 2/16/2000

Lavalle @ 12:01am - Brock Come Back! Tracy Sucks!
"I want Brock Back, this new guy (Tracy)is stupid, hes a sketch artist and occationally draws a girl, Brock was the comic relief now its no longer funny, its sad hopefully he'll come back, to see a Tracy character profile go to Pokemon Rocks. "

Tuesday - 2/9/2000

Lavalle @ 12:41am - Goodbye Brock, For Good.
"If you dont already know Brock is gone,for good and the there is a new character. He is only following them because his idol is Professor Oak and he really wants to meet him, and probably when he does he will leave the gang. For the first time you seen a Nurse Joy and she didnt get hit on in any way. Pretty disapointing, it wont be the same without you Brock "

Monday - 1/24/2000

Lavalle @ 12:45am - DRAGON BALL Z TAPES!
"Dragon Ball has new tapes comming out, "The Garlic Jr. Saga" , its a continue from "Dead Zone the Movie" Garlic Jr is back from being banished from earth and hes back with help to have revenge and take over earth. He sends a fog over the world to make everyone crazy, WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN, buy the tapes its worth it and there is more tapes to come!!"

Wensday - 1/5/2000

Lavalle @ 12:45am - NEW MOVIES ANOUNCED!
"STREET FIGHTER ALPHA - all new two part OVA. NEON GENESIS EVANGELION The Movie! The news doesnt get any better! Does it? "

Saturday - 1/1/2000

Lavalle @ 12:45am - Happy New Year! The Present? Pokemon Rocks Flash
"click here The site is so awsome now after all the work that was done on that site. Check it out"

Wensday - 12/29/1999

Lavalle @ 12:45am - Flash! FLAsh! FLASH!!
"FLASH! FLASH! FLASH! The reason we havent been updating our site is because we were making a flash version of our site. On the flash site we have many pictures and it is our first flash program so it will get much better. Enjoy our Flash site click here! Enjoy!"

Saturday - 12/25/1999

Lavalle @ 12:01am - Merry Christmas! And Your Present Is?
"Merry Christmas Everyone!! And your present is sailor moon gallery! Only a few pics at this time buy hey its a start. So Click Here One of the pics is an animation of Tuxedo Mask its really cool so i hope you all enjoy!

Tuesday - 12/14/1999

Lavalle @ 9:25am - Back and Working
"Back and Working: Pokemon came out with a new movie short called "Pikachus Winter Vacation" it was an okay short, better than the one before Pokemon the Movie. Also everyone sorry about the long wait on news, we've been working on other parts of the site, for you all. Check them out!"

Wendsday - 11/24/1999

Lavalle @ 9:02am - Horrible News About Dragon Ball Z
"Horrible news, Dragon Ball Z, stopped releasing Anime tapes for a short while, even though we dont know how long. Cartoon Network went a little farther then the Tapes, its now showing reruns. The tape to the right is the Final of the series for a while its Episodes 79-81, I will keep everyone updated when the next ones are comming out. I remember when everyone was waiting for the part when Goku first came to Namek and fought one of the Ginyu Force and killed him with one blow. That was a very long wait till we got the next tapes. So dont be surprised if we all end up waiting months for the new ones. And for those of you who watch it on Cartoon Network, the series went a little farther than the tapes so your lucky and they most definitly are going to show them again so keep watching for those."

Tuesday - 11/23/1999

Lavalle @ 11:35am - Many New Features!
"This site now has a search engine, fan art is up and running, and now you can advertise or site on your site. Its all great news!"

Monday - 11/15/1999

Lavalle @ 9:22am - Sorry,The Page Is Now All Frames
"Sorry everyone, the site has not been opening up in Netscape so I was forced to make the entire AnimeNight in Frames, hopefully you all wont mind at all. The good news is that everywhere you go you do get to listen to a Midi from My Neighbor Totoro."

Friday - 11/9/1999

Lavalle @ 11:22am - POKEMON! The Movie; Its out
"The movie was great, the artwork looked much better, the quality was great even 3D animations made their way into the movie. Here at AnimeNight we didnt like Pikachus Vacation all that much, it was more for the really young ones out there. The movie is about Mew and Mewtoo, for those of you who are updated with Pokemon the TV series on WB, be happy. Do you remember the episode with Mewtoo as a Robot well it takes off from their and Mewtoo is trying for World Domination, but who's in his way, Ash. We have a site that is deticated to Pokemonclick here, we have pictures and the story of The Movie.

Wendsday - 11/3/1999

Lavalle @ 9:02am - Tenchi Muyo Forever (The Movie 3)
"Tenchi Forever, is the 3rd Movie of the hit series Tenchi Muyo,Tenchi in Tokyo, Tenchi Muyo Collection, Tenchi Muyo Universe and Pretty Girl Sammy. Its an awsome story even though so far you can only get it in subtitled. I am not going to tell the story but if you want to know the story click here"

Monday - 11/1/1999

Lavalle @ 9:47am - Breaking News!
"All my websites have been through many make overs and finally Im satisfied with one.The reason for the Makeover is because it has been 8 months since AnimeNight was created, and Im very proud. Thank you everyone for the great comments and suggestions make sure yousign the guestbook and enjoy. Come back for more News and Info. This site is all remodeled to see the old Anime Night click here"

Friday - 10/29/1999

Lavalle @ 11:11am - Princess Monanoke- Opening November 5th
This looks like a beautiful anime to come out. Finally we get some Japanese Anime in out theaters . This anime was made by the same creater of My Neighbor Totoro (one of my favorites) and Kiki's Delivery service. The movie comes out in November and I highly recommend seeing it. I am.Princess Mononoke Story

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