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Dragon Ball has new tapes!!! The first Dragon Ball has a new movie out, its how Goku meets Krillan very interesting. Last but not least Dragon Ball Z, finally, Its out, the new tapes and many many more to come. If all you fans of Dragon Ball Z were mad now rejoice its out go get your copy.
All my websites have been through many make overs and finally Im satisfied with one. Please sign the guestbook and enjoy. Come back for more News and Info.
Pokemon Maniacs Celebrate, more movies are out. They are up to 10 tapes.They all contain 3 complete episodes. If you are a true Pokemon fan get the comics, not only is it a recap of the T.V show its more japanese looking and much better scenes.
The last time I worked on this site was October 1 1999. All the black and white pictures are hand drawn by me, then scanned into the computer.
I get asked this alot, what is Japanese Anime, is it just cartoons? Time after time I reply," No is not! It is great artwork with storylines of great movie's. Cartoons dont show nudity or violence like this. Most anime is made for adults or very mature teens." So the next time someone says a smart remark about japanese anime you just say," Shut up its not cartoons its ANIME!"
I just saw Maison Ikkoku and wow its pretty funny its about this ronin who is tring to get into college, but Im not going to give a summary. But if you want a summary check out Reviews 4
I seriously recommend buying the Tylor videos. I never laughed so hard on anime before I saw this. The full name of the anime is "The Irrisponsible Captain Tylor" and belive me its funny.
Big News! Dragon Ball Z (The New Episodes) are on cartoon network and they are so awsome. So if you cant buy the tapes just watch them on cartoon network.
I just recently saw two simular shows like Pokemon, one is called "Digimon" sounds kind of like Pokemon and "Monster Rancher". Monster Rancher was a game on the Playstation. DigiMon is okay but they are trying to take Pokemon's glory. Digimon has a decent story and so does Monster Rancher, if you have the time to watch these go ahead.
Big News! November 12, Pokemon The Movie, oh yeah! I cant wait. I want to see that so bad. Their is a short film with it too. Its about Pikachu on vacation. The main movie is about mewto comming into play.
Attention! Attention! The old show Ronin Warriors is on the Cartoon Network. This show is old but great anime. If any of you remember the show it was very popular. I recommend watching it.
This site has a sound capability. So when you read you can listen to Patlabor's midi. If you like it go to Media If you dont like the midi just turn it off. Enjoy!
I just saw some imported Sailor Moon Movies which were so awesome. The drawings were much better then the one's on the Cartoon Network. It is subtitled, so for those of you who dont like subtitles sorry, they are never going to be translated/dubbed into english. The names of the movies are Sailor Moon S, Sailor Moon R, and Sailor Moon SSS. They are very awsome and I reccomend buying them.
New Pokemon episodes on WB! So make sure you watch them, Ash goes back to Pallet (hometown). Its funny and full of action (as always).
In Chicago 50,000 worth of Pokemon Cards were counterfet cards. So watch out for these, on the back of them they are purple and there is no Nintendo copyright on them either. So when you buy them be careful.
Hey all you Record of Lodos Fans! New tapes and more to come. Record of Lodos War is one of the best anime's of all time, the first series was a total of 6 tapes and now their are more. So you fans of Lodos go get them its worth it.
There is a new Poineer anime, called "Lain". Its very top of the line anime, wow I never saw anime so detailed and neat, you can just see how much time they spent on this. The story line is like no other, but Im not giving anything away. Believe me though, its worth the price they are asking.
I think their is something wrong with my Media page so it might be down for awile

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