Maison Ikkoku One of the most beloved anime series of all time, Maison Ikkoku is a love story which takes place in Japan...but that doesn't mean it couldn't happen anywhere.
Meet the tenants of the ramshackle boarding house Maison Ikkoku, starting with a young Japanese student struggling to pass his college entrance exams, a named Yusaku Godai, and the building's beautiful new manager, a woman who hides a secret sadness, Kyoko Otonashi.
You'll fall in love with the wacky inhabitants of the run-down boarding house Maison Ikkoku as they try to alternately help and hinder the blossoming romance between a bumbling college student and his lovely, young apartment manager.

Neon Genesis
The year is 2015. The twentieth century nearly ended with a millennial last judgment, when, the history books say, a meteor accelerated to relativistic speeds struck Antarctica in the event known as the "Second Impact," after the strike from space thought to have killed the dinosaurs millions of years before. The catastrophe wobbled the Earth's axis and melted the polar cap, flooding coastlines and causing climactic change that killed half the human race within a year.
A decade-and-a-half after that disaster, the human race has made a semblance of recovery, but the reality is that the peace is no more true than the story that it was a meteor which caused the Second Impact. The inquest into the truth, and the end of our brief respite, will occur in EVANGELION's main setting: Tokyo-3, an artificial construct of a city built on Lake Ashino in the Hakone region of Japan. With its laundromats, schools, subways, and convenience stores, it's like any other town-except that its skyscrapers can be retracted below ground, and beneath that surface is the super-technological "Geo-Front" headquarters of NERV, a secret organization nominally under the United Nations. In reality, Tokyo-3 was constructed as both a fortress and a trap for an incredible adversary whose very existence is unknown to the general public.
But not for long. The "Angels" are coming to Tokyo-3: solitary, immensely powerful beings of variable size, shape, and weaponry. Their motives and origin remain completely unknown at the beginning of the series to all but a few, and those who do know, aren't talking, engaged in a power struggle over the incredible secrets of the human past surrounding the Angels, and the incredible promise of the human future offered by the mysterious "Instrumentality Project" which NERV labors to complete while fending of the ever more insidious penetration of the Angels, who learn from every attack. In the very first episode, a desperate UN military learns that even a tactical nuke will only slow an Angel down; the beings are possessed of an "A.T. Field," named for the "absolute terror" it inspires, that renders them nigh-invulnerable.
NERV, long anticipating the Angels' attack, has developed the only weapon that might be useful against them: a humanoid bio-mecha, the Evangelion, which can generate its own A.T. Field, which, canceling that of the Angel, allows them to close in for brutal hand-to-hand combat. The Eva Units contain strictly limited internal power (in fact, at first they run off extension cords), and their combat strategy is centered around confronting the Angels as they come into Tokyo-3, whose massive elevators, power cables, and weapons caches are all designed to support the Eva. The three Eva units, however, can only be piloted by certain 14-year-olds, known formally as the "Children," who can "synch" with them, although what qualifies any particular Child to do so also remains unknown.