Tuesday - 8/26/2003

Lavalle @ 7:55am - New Dragon Ball on Cartoon Network
"The official Dragonball Z Website has reported that new episodes of Dragonball will premier on Toonami on Monday, September 1 at 5:30 p.m. (ET, PT). Dragonball GT will begin airing Fridays at 6:30 p.m. (ET, PT), beginning October 3.

Also, Every Friday at 6 p.m. (ET, PT) for four consecutive weeks beginning September 5, Cartoon Network will present Dragonball Z movies that have never been seen before on U.S. television.

September 5: Bardock: The Father of Goku
September 12: The History of Trunks
September 19: Cooler's Revenge
September 26: The Return of Cooler"

Monday - 2/25/2002

Lavalle @ 11:52am - Goldenboy and Devil Hunter Yohko Release Dates.
"Finally, the release dates. Goldenboys date is: 04-23. And Devil Hunter Yohko is 05-14, I dont know about you anime fans but these are two ive been waiting for. For a while to come out on DVD."

Friday - 8/31/2001

Lavalle @ 10:24am - Anime All Time High in USA
"Anime has become the bigest thing since, rock music, everyone watches it. Since Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon, people have been exploring other anime titles. Anime is now loved all over the USA. I remember when it was just a few VHS movies on a shelf at a import store. Now its rows and rows of DVD, VHS, Toys, Poster, pretty much everything. How big is your anime collection? I know mine is BIG!"

Friday - 3/23/2001

Lavalle @ 11:03am - Gundam Wing Endless Waltz on The Billboard Charts
"Wow anime on the billboards! Gundam Endless Waltz is on the top video sales as #3 thats really impressive, also Street Fighter Alpha the movie is on there too as #7. Anime sure has taken off, Toonami is one of the most watched programs on Television. Life doesnt get any better than this."

Thursday - 3/15/2001

Lavalle @ 9:18am - Original Dragon Ball episode soon to Air.
"FUNimation has announced that older episodes of the original Dragonball TV series will debut on the Cartoon Network sometime in May. The information we have, does not say if the series is going to take off from which the old one left off, which is ep.13. If it does, thats will be great, we get to see how Goku meets Piccolo and everything.. Everyone Get Ready For Dragon Ball"

Wensday - 3/14/2001

Lavalle @ 11:18pm - Outlaw Star Out, Big O in..
"The Cartoon Network has sent out an official press release announcing that The Big O will replace Outlaw Star on Monday, April 2 at 5:30 p.m. (ET, PST). So what we've heard, the show is a cross between Batman and Giant Robo, and a addition the DVD's for Big O will be released in the near future."

Monday - 3/06/2001

Lavalle @ 11:18pm - New Shows..
"Well its kinda old news, but hey its news, Outlaw Star is the newest addition to Cartoon Network, its taking place of Gundam Wing, (sigh) Even though Gundam Wing is the BEST! they took it off. Gundam just dont have that many episodes.. But the movie Endless Waltz was released and its very good, go get it. It takes place after the war. Were not going to tell anymore, we dont want to ruin it for you Gundam fans. Well for Outlaw Star, its a okay anime, not the best, but not bad. Also look foward to The Irresponsible Captain Tylor on the IFC (independent film channel) in the near future."

Sunday - 3/05/2001

Lavalle @ 10:18am - 2 YEAR ANIVERSARY.. man were getting old..
"2 YEARS, man were getting old arnt we, oh well. This site is getting better and better by the day. Thank you everyone for the emails and guestbook entrys, we apreciate them. Anime has taken off so much since Dragon Ball Z came out, I remember when Japanese Anime had a tiny section at the Movie stores now... Man it has rows upon rows of tapes/DVD's were glad to see Anime is finally appreciated the way it should be."

Wensday - 1/31/2001

Lavalle @ 3:10pm - New Sections Added!
"New Gundam Wing site up, its all in flash! To visit the Gundam Wing Page click here Also the new Comming Soon page is up too. To visit the Comming Soon page click here"

Thursday - 1/25/2001

Lavalle @ 3:10pm - New Sections Soon to Be Added..
"Thank you everyone for your patience in our site, were are in the process of making a special Gundam Wing page and a Samuria X/Kenshin site as well as a Comming Soon page. The comming soon page will inform you of all upcomming DVD releases. If you do have questions just e-mail us!! "

Friday - 11/1/2000

Lavalle @ 3:10pm - Animenight New Reviews Page!!
"The Makers Of AnimeNight are making a new review page where you can read about a japanese anime before you buy it. Well all hate buying a anime that you buy and have no idea whats it about, so now you can see in our new reviews page. If you do have questions just e-mail us!! "

Monday - 10/9/2000

Lavalle @ 10:02am - Brock! BRock! BROCK! is BACK!!!!
"Whoa, what a surprise, Brock (Pokemon) is finally back! Ash travels home and there he was at his house helping Ashes mom out with chores, even though thats Mr. Mime's job but hey HES BACK.. And Tracy finally acoplished his life long dream of meeting Prof. Oak. Oh everyone rejoice HES BACK!"

Monday - 9/11/2000

Lavalle @ 1:02pm - DBZ!! Chat Room! Talk When the Show Is On! ill Be on at 4:00pm central time.
"Thank you everyone for all the nice comments and questions, good news instead of emailing me why not talk to me and other Anime Freaks on the Net... When Dragon Ball Z is on Cartoon Network 4:00pm central time. See you there.. if your a real ANime FrEAk!!"

Monday - 7/3/2000

Lavalle @ 1:02pm - Todays the BIG day for TENCHI MUYO
"Today is the day all you Tenchi Muyo Fans out there were waiting for! Tenchi Muyo on CARTOON NETWORK, today on TOONAMI. I dont know about you guys but all I know is that this show is one of the best animes out there today.. If you've never even seen Tenchi Muyo (shame on you) turn your dial on to Cartoon Network later today and the whole week and weeks to come! Everyone Enjoy I know I will."

Sunday - 7/2/2000

Lavalle @ 2:07pm - The Gallery is New and Improved
" Well after all the e-mails and the people who signed the guestbook asking for more pictures, your going to like this news. AnimeNight has A New Gallery.. Its new and improved so go check it out, its more organised and better looking, we think. There are more pictures to come so be patient... Thank you everyone for the responses."

Tuesday - 6/27/2000

Lavalle @ 3:39pm - Chat Room added to AnimeNight
"This site keeps getting new things and well this is just another one, BUT ITS A GREAT ONE... We now have a Chat room for all you AnimeFans out there to meet and greet other Anime Fans.. Thank you everyone for all the great e-mails, to think a year and a half ago we never new this site would be so big, We get e-mails all the time on people who have been comming to this site since it was created... We would just like to say thank you. AnimeNight - CEO"

Friday - 6/15/2000

Lavalle @ 1:25pm - Tenchi Muyo on CARTOON NETWORK!!!
"Well lately there hasent been any good news to be published... untill now, Tenchi Muyo is going to be added to Cartoon Network July 3! Everyone here at AnimeNight are so happy Tenchi Muyo is one of the Classic Japanese Anime's out there. Hope you all like it."

Friday - 5/26/2000

Lavalle @ 12:01pm - AnimeNight's WinAmp Skins Page!
"We now have a skin page,.. ANskins- Winamp Skins for Winamp Go to it download them they are free for the taking so feel free. Every week their will be more skins added for you Animeaholics out their. Make sure you check out the site. The address again is"

Monday - 5/22/2000

Lavalle @ 12:01am - Chat With Us
"Now you can talk to us. We keep getting e-mails of everyone wanting info or news on anime so finally we are going to have chatting to us. We have a aolaccount for you guys to chat with us while we are on. It is lavallemn (IM account : lavallemn) Hope to hear from ya.

Sunday - 4/2/2000

Lavalle @ 12:01am - Garlic Jr. On Cartooon Network
"Well its while awaited Dragon Ball Z the Garlic Jr. Saga, its starting on Cartoon Network and its going to be the best so make sure you check your local listings.
Also its kinda old news but their is a new show too that Cartoon Network added if you didnt already know its called Gundam Wing so make sure you check that out its pretty cool.

Wensday - 3/29/2000

Lavalle @ 12:01am - News, not the best but its News.
"Well its been a long time since their has been any news, but their is a new Batman Beyond Site We made. The reason their hasnt been any updations is because we are currently making and running a company who makes graphics and animations,flash sites, and webpages. To check out the work just click on the banners all over these sites in Animenight."

Saturday - 3/11/2000

Lavalle @ 12:01am - 1 YEAR ANIVERSARY!!! Flash up!! and New Link System, doesn't get any better!
"The flash site for AnimeNight NOW UP!!!!! Its AnimeNights 1year Aniversary, so we've been haard at work making the flash part of AnimeNight. Hope you all enjoy it!! Also comming soon, Team Rocket Flash thank you everyone for all the requests for Team Rocket stuff. Oh and one more thing, make sure you ad your link because we are making a Anime Website Links site for all of you! "

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