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The decline of the joint family system, increasing life-expectancy and the need to shed their dependence on members of the family, which is being articulated by a large number of aged people these days, have necessitated the creation of old-age homes. In a effort to provide the aged with better facilities to lead a more meaningful, comfortable and happy life, the SADHANA TRUST, a charitable non-profit organization in kerala, India, is currently giving shape to Senior Citizens Community project near KANJIKODE VILLAGE PALLAKKAD DISTRICT, KERALA, INDIA, off the COIMBATORE-PALLAKKAD Highway.

A conglomeration of independent cottages, each with a living-cum dining room, bedroom with attached toilet, and a kitchenette, is being planned in this area, which is about 10 kms   from Pallakkad town. The sadhana Trust is already in possession of 5 acres of land here, of which  4 acres have already been earmarked for a charitable orphanage and home for the destitutes. The complex is being designed by the internationally acclaimed architect,
Mr. P.T.Krishnan of Chennai.

Under this scheme, a one time deposit of  Rs.3.5 lakhs (approximately       
US $8000) will ensure an independent cottage for your nominee till his/her lifetime. All the services including medical, nursing, boarding and recreational, will be provided by the Trust on payment. At the end of the incumbents lifetime, you may nominate another person or the Trust will buy back the cottage at its depreciated value.

The Sadhana Trust is hopeful that these homes would provide a wonderful opportunity to many old people who are currently enduring difficulties, having to live with either their relatives or in solitude. A peaceful environment, complete with avenues for a comfortable, enlightened and purposeful living, is what the Trust is looking forward to provide ...... with your  contribution and support.


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