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This page is devoted to Rod Serling and the Twilight Zone, a tv series so popular 3 episodes were remade into a popular motion picture almost 20 years after it left tv.
There have even been books written about Rod Serling and The Twilight Zone.

Rod Serling created & hosted the CBS tv series 10-2-59 to 9-5-65, with the exception of the 1 hour pilot, which was hosted by Desi Arnaz (a story in which the subject kept waking up in a Pearl Harbor waterfront bar on 12-7-41, but couldn't get anyone to believe him: not bartender Jesse White in 1941 or psychiatrist Martin Balsom in the present), and is not seen on the Sci-Fi channel (TV Land has exclusive rights). Though Ray Bradbury was not credited for it, one of his novels was adapted for a classic episode in which a man is on trial for not turning in his books to be burned as ordered by a government.
All the other episodes were half hour with the exception of 1963 when CBS tried hour-long episodes. But the fans seemed to prefer the more concentrated writing and suspense of 30 minutes and the series returned to half-hour stories the remaining 2 years. When Twilight Zone ended its run in 1965, Serling went on to other projects and CBS assigned the writers & directors to a new science fiction-western project called Wild Wild West. When West ended its run in 1970, Rod Serling needed them back for a new series on NBC called Night Gallery starting with a 3-segment Night Gallery movie.

A few Twilight Zone episodes, the TZ movie, and a couple of recent versions of Rod Serling stories are available on video or on DVD, followed by this month's episode titles showing on the Sci-Fi channel:

Treasures of the Twilight Zone

Twilight Zone - Vol. 1-43 (1959/62)

Twilight Zone - Season 1 is available on DVD from

2 regular 30-minute or 1 hour-long episode(s) are sometimes broadcast in a 1-hour timeslot unless noted. 5am episodes are usually followed by a 5:30 episode without commercials (see separate list below). Up to 6am is night of date shown; it's not morning until the sun comes up
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Did they ever have that atomic war?
Have you ever been trapped on the 13th floor of a closed department store that doesn't have a 13th floor? Well, have you?

Monstervision Host Segments of Forbidden Planet including interview with in-studio guest Anne Francis about her Twilight Zone episode (she still has the head)

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Previous year's Twilight Zone broadcasts on the Sci-Fi channel (2002)

Wednesday, 6-14-00, WB network reran the 1-23-00 episode of Felicity directed by Twilight Zone veteran Lamont Johnson in black/white. Several attempts have been made over the years to recapture the feel of the original Twilight Zone, but this hour-long episode is the only one that has succeeded. In the episode, a young woman goes to "The Clinic" for her problem, heartache, after the most recent breakup with a boyfriend. Then she has second thoughts, but is told it's too late: the treatment has already begun. Then a corpse warns her to get out while she can...
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