Emperor Of The North (1973)

Ernest Borgnine stars as one of the nastiest characters of his career. At his villainous best, he plays a railroad freight train conductor who has a hobby – murdering hobos and then throwing them to the ground from the moving train to make it look like an accident. The movie is set during the Great Depression and stars Lee Marvin of "Death Hunt" as a world-weary hobo who doesn’t really want a confrontation, but takes him on when Ernie targets a young hobo (Keith Carradine) on the same train.
Filmed on location in Oregon, directed by Robert Aldrick, written by Christopher Knopf.
Additional cast: Simon Oakland (the boss in Kolchak the Night Stalker), Charles Tyner, Harry Caesar, Malcolm Atterbury, Matt Clark, Elisha Cook. 118 minutes, originally released as “Emperor Of The North Pole,” but I guess that sounded too much like a children’s Christmas movie starring someone like Tom Hanks...

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Ernest Borgnine does not play a lovable grampa reading a creepy bedtime story in this movie, you’re thinking of Mystery Science Theater 3000 feature, “Merlin’s Mysterious House of Wonders.”
Keith Carradine hosted the first season of Wild West Tech, but now he’s living with complete savages.

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