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Daughters of Satan (1972)

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Hey folks, look! It's Tom Selleck racing around in an open-top convertible! With a big, bushy moustache and those flowery printed shirts rustling in the breeze, as Tom takes another tight corner! Exotic locations whirl by as Tom grinds through those gears. Say, wait a minute! Is this 100% Weird or Magnum PI?
weird Squint your eyes tight, gentle viewer, cause this ain't no TV episode. It's Tom Selleck all right, and he does wave around a .357 Magnum, but Magnum PI is eight years away. However, Tom's versatile acting skills will quickly lead you to believe that before he entered the world of crime fighting, he led a life of art collecting and consorting with Satan's minions.

In Daughters of Satan (1972) Selleck takes on the role of the doomed James Robertson, a descendant of a Spanish Inquisitor, who sentenced a coven of witches to be burned at the stake. The coven is hot on Selleck's heels and one of the witches, played by Barra Grant, manages to marry him. Grant, the daughter of Miss America 1945, Bess Myerson, has the role of Chris Robertson, the lead witch, who must perform her duty even if it breaks her heart.

One of the Daughters Of Satan witches John A. Bushelman penned the story. He's probably much better known for his editing skills than his writing. His steady hand is evident in B-Movie masterpieces like Cat Women of the Moon (1953), Dragstrip Riot (1958) and Village of the Giants (1965). One great thing about Bushelman's writing and Daughters of Satan in general is that he creates very eerie scenes that are incidental to the plot. At one point Selleck stumbles into a mortuary and witnesses a creepy monologue that the mortician has with a dead body he's preparing.

When Satan meets Selleck, the sparks really fly! Having such a TV-friendly leading man in Daughters of Satan, it makes sense to have a director who knows how to work with such actors, to marshall the mastery they have on the small screen and unleash it on the big. Hollingsworth Morse, veteran of television classics like Shazam (1974), Isis (1975) and the Dukes of Hazard (1979), not to mention that MST3000 favorite Crash of the Moons, is well met for the task. He directs Daughters of Satan so that the bizarre occult flavorings of Bushelman's story are enhanced in the nightmare of an early '70s setting. Bizarre lighting, Brady Bunch clothes and lots of car-driving scenes all help to create a living hell fit for the Dark Lord's spawn.

So if you have a curfew to follow Saturday night, better stick to it, because the Daughters of Satan don't go out until the witching hour!

The Daughters of Satan (1972)
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Orson Welles was the voice of the never-seen Robin Masters who owned the estate on "Magnum P.I." though the final episode infered that John Hillerman was the owner

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