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Chatterbox (1976)

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No, we’re not talking about the 1943 Joe E. Brown – Judy Canova comedy. And I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore

MonsterVision’s Joe Bob Briggs has a theory about the makers of Texas Chainsaw Massacre - that they wanted people to think that it might just have been a movie made by deranged lunatics. Perhaps this one, produced by the same company, is further proof. Consider the plot: a starlet named Penelope (Candice Rialson) loses her boyfriend when her vagina develops a will, and a voice, of its own, and loudly complains about his performance one night. So what happens next for Virginia the vagina?
The Golden Turkey Awards by Harry and Michael Medved says:
“Escapades include a sojourn in jail with a basketball team and sessions with a psychiatrist to help Virginia overcome her (its?) emotional problems. With her self-confidence restored, she makes several hit appearances on TV talkshows; the theory, apparently, is that Virginia makes an even more interesting late-night guest than Truman Capote.”
[an accompanying photo shows Penelope dressed as a 1940s singer, standing on-stage with a microphone at crotch-level so Virginia can sing a song]

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Chatterbox came out the same year as “The Erotic Adventures of Pinocchio” (the ads said, “It’s not his nose that grows”) from the director of that Mystery Science Theater 3000 classic The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living & Became Mixed Up Zombies.
So – was there ever a male version of Chatterbox? Yes, but the world would have to wait over a decade for:

Me & Him (1989)

Griffin Dunn stars as a New Yorker whose male member decides it wants a life of its own: voice provided by Mark Linn-Baker, co-star of the ABC sitcom “Perfect Strangers.” The cast also included Craig T. Nelson of Poltergeist, who had once provided narration for Flash Gordon spoof “Flesh Gordon.” Could things get any weirder? How about this: there will be a remake of “Oh God!” with George Burns replaced in the Supreme Being role by gay actress Ellen DeGeneres. Invest your money now!

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