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M. F. D. Station #5.....Page 4

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Pics here added on Nov. 18th 1998

Ace, Tex, And Blondie:

3 of Engine 5's finest .

Tanya (Trixie) and Travis (Tex)

set up Engine 5's Squrt.

Jill (Blondie), Tanya (Trixie),

and Mary (B shift) in

Station 5's coop.

Pete: One of M. F. D.'s finest

Air Supply drivers.

Eddie(Lad 3) and Trevor(Eng 17)

after fighting a garage fire .

Mary (B-shift) and Blondie

after working at a house fire.

Andre and Mike from

Ladder 3's crew are ready

to seal up after another fire.

Ladder 3's crew examine the

damage after another fire.

(Andre, Mike, and Doug.)

Ace and Tex:

"The pride of Engine 5"

cool pic.....'nuff said .

Trixie(Tanya) and Blondie(Jill)....

the "cuter" side of Engine 5.

Tex(Travis)....Engine 5's "Youngest Buck".

Web Master's Bonus pic: added Dec. 2nd 1998

Ace's dogs (Joey and Micki)
watch another rabbit sneaking
by, just out of their reach....

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