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Minneapolis Fire Department Station #5

Minneapolis Fire Department
Station # 5

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Last Updated: Jan 31st 2006


-----Home of Engine 5 and M.F.D.'s Air Supply Unit-----

Engine 5 is a 1999 Freightliner by General Safety Corp. with Squrt addition.

Air Supply Unit is a 1992 Ford van for supplying air bottles

thru-out the city and at all MFD fires.

last updated on: Mar 27th 2002 (34 new W.T.C. pics on W.T.C. Page)

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Here is Engine 5 with new door badges....

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Updated Oct 3rd 2000

Engine 5 is a 1999 Freightliner with Squrt addition.

April 2001: Station 5 gets a Hovercraft for winter ice & water rescues.

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Byron suits up and is anxious to get some practice in.

Baraka & Ace get ready to use Station 5's new Hovercraft.

Whether water or ice, the Hovercraft can get thru it all.

Byron & Dan follow safety rules before heading out.

Dan & Byron come by to show their driving skills.

No time to waste... off they go to practice a rescue.

Sept 00: Engine 5 gets a 3 stall garage fully involved near 26th/Cedar.

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Eng 5 gets ready to lay a line on the fully involved 3 stall garage.

Dawn shows that, despite that garage loss, neighboring garages were spared.

Aug 00: Engine 5 first in at house fire at 23rd/Bloomington.

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Heavy fire shows on the 2nd floor and in the attic.

The next day shows it wasn't much of a save.

Ace (L) and Jeremy (R)
come back to pose after
the "Rook's" 1st fire.

Sept 00: Eng 5 joins Lad 2 for auto extrication training.

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Jeremy uses
the cutters on
the Hurst tool.

Spreading the window
allows Jeremy access to the side door panel.

Mike tries out the
cutting blade of the
Hurst Tool.

Another method to get
into the trunk is learned....

Aug 00: Eng 5 invites Eng 7 and Lad 3 for Target Saw & Chain Saw practice.

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Eng 5 "A" rookie
Jeremy practices his
chain saw cutting.

Rita from Lad 3 instructs
Jeremy on safe operation
of the Target saw.

Jeremy shows his
cutting skills!!

Mike gets his chance
to do some cutting.

A metal bar is no match for Mike using the Target Saw.

When all is done, Rita from Lad 3 shows the Rook's proper saw cleaning and maintenance.

June 2000: Engine 5 recently got a new tool... the Pro Pak portable foam unit.

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Engine 5 crew moves in on a garage fire with the Pro Pak.

The Pro Pak foam unit easily penetrates this couch fire.

Station 5 buddy and future K-9 Police dog....."Radar" (at 4 months old)

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cute l'tle Radar with his owner and trainer, Bob from M.P.D..

with Engine 5 out on a run, Radar already patrols the station.

Sept. 2000

Radar: now all grown up!!
(with his Master: Bob)

Station 5 is located in the heart of

the "Phillip's" neighborhood in South Minneapolis

and is located at 27th St. & Bloomington Ave S.

Enjoy your visit!

"Hi" to my police (po-po) viewers.....

Found 2 pics of Engine 5 in action at a fire

at 24XX 10th Ave S. in Oct. of 1993.

Photos by R. Boyd (ret.)

My disclaimer: This "unofficial" M.F.D. Station 5 page is a personal web page

for enjoyment by all and is not meant to be an official site

of the Minneapolis Fire Department.

Webmaster: "Ace Woodrow" (#014798)

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