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Change is constant. Evolution is a process. If you can't bring the people to the message, a way must be discovered in which the message can come to the people. The goodie is still dying over bullshit. Folks are still fighting for their spirits and minds. Through it all, Goodie Mob – Khujo, Cee-Lo, T-Mo and Big Gipp – is still standing. Still demanding. Still progressing. Goodie MOb's music encompasses the social, historical and political virtues of the place they call home. Atlanta Georgia. The Dirty South. For Black People living in America, the South is the alpha and omega, home of the first planted seeds. For Goodie MOb, it is the source of strength and creation in their music, the group weaving the traditions of funk, blues, and soul into the modern movement known as hip hop. With World Party, Goodie MOb further spread its artistic wings, expanding on the group's musical vision. Every album the group releases is a reflection of the world in which the four coexist, and the World Party is by far Goodie MOb's most complete album to date.

World Party is a riveting 13-song collection where Goodie exposes the various entities that bind. While the songs like "Rebuilding" and "All A's" further the thoughtfulness and awareness for which Goodie have always incorporated in their work, the project contains a natural balance that wasn't displayed on Soul Food or Still Standing. This time, Goodie generates feelings of passion and celebration, meditation and action. On their underground single, "Chain Swang," Goodie marshals an invigorating Deric "D-Dot" Angelettie track, speaking on the power of hip-hop’s most visible staple; the signifying chain. The futuristic "What It Ain't (Ghetto Enuff)," produced by Dallas Austin, is an eclectic collaboration with the multi-platinum selling labelmates TLC. The title track and first single, "World Party," is a festive and worldly proclamation that sets the entire tone of the album. "Cutty Buddy" and "Dip" are tracks that exemplify Goodie's exposure of their sprightly sides that often go unnoticed by fans. "I.C.U." and "Fie Fie Delish" are songs that encompass the groundbreaking approach to music making that is a part of every Dungeon family release. Big Gipp, Cee-Lo and T-Mo make an impressive, production debut on this album, along with production form Organized Noise, Memphis heavyweights Rhondell, Peach and Dave. Goodie MOb completely reshapes the sound and feel of their work. The rhymes are livelier, the themes are universal, and the sounds produce acoustic intoxication.


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    Goodie MOb. & TLC will start shooting the video for "Ghetto Enough" this weekend (02/25) in L.A

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