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Fraggle rock

Dance your cares away
Worries for another day
Let the music play
Down at Fraggle Rock!

Fraggle Rock was my favorite show on television when I was younger. It still is today. It is a creation from the imaginitive mind of Jim Henson who wanted to create a show that promoted harmony and showed a little ecosystem at work far below the earth and worlds away. The Fraggles are creatures that live in caves underground. There are thousands of them but the show focused around five of them that were all the best of friends; they were Gobo, Wembly, Boober, Red and Mokey. The show followed them through many of their fun adventures and how they interacted with outer space (our world), the Doozers that lives inside the cave with them and the Gorgs that live just outside. They ate a steady source of vegtables and Doozer construction. The Doozers were always hard at work building bridges and buildings with beams made of radish dust.

List of creatures and characters


Gobo is the leader of the five fraggly friends. He has an explorer spirt like his Uncle Matt. He is the only one who is ever brave enough to go into outer space to fetch his Uncle's postcards.

Red is the athletic one of the group. She loves singing, dancing and playing all of the fraggle games. Her and Mokey are the best of friends. Her signiture is her fluffy red pigtails.

Wembly is Gobo's best frind and roommate. He is a really indecisive guy but he loves following Gobo around and enjoys listening to Gobo read Uncle Matt's postcards.

Mokey is my far the sensitive one. Her and Red are the best of friends even though no two fraggles could be more opposite. She faithfully keeps a diary and is happiest when everyone else is happy too.

Boober is the strangest of the five fraggle friends. He thinks having fun is overrated. He is happiest when he is either cooking cleaning or doing laudry. He is also quite a worrier.

Uncle Matt is Gobo's traveling uncle. Uncle Matt is one of the few fraggles that regualrly goes into outer space umoung us, the "silly creatures". He is sure to send Gobo a postcard everyday to tell everyone the strange, unusual things the we silly creatures do. Gobo wants to be an explorer just like his uncle one day.


Doozers are the like green guys that obseesed with building. All day long they work, work, work!! They make structures out of radish dust so of course they are delicious! Fraggles love eating doozer construction and doozer actually like Fraggles eating their work!! It only makes room for more places to build!! There are many many Doozers and they have many names that are like Cotterpin, Flange, Scoop and Hammerhead. The head of the Doozers is The Arthitect.


Pa Gorg is the King of all known Gorgs (there is only two other besides himself). He and his wife, Ma Gorg, live with thier son, Junior, in a castle. They are each 15 ft. tall and are well tempered except they HATE Farggles, who raid thier veggie garden for food.

Ma Gorg is Pa Gorgs wife and queen of all Gorgs. She and the King order their son Junior around all day becasue he is thier only subject!

Junior is the son of Pa and Ma Gorg and is the Prince of all Gorgs. Even though he is a Prince, he is expected to do everything around the castle. He is the only one around for his parents to tell what to do. In his spare time he loves gardening but hates Fraggles stealing his vegtables.

Humans and others...

Doc is the only human being that is regularly on the show. The hole in the wall that leads to fraggle rock is in his house/garage. He has a dog named Sprocket and is generally a weird guy. However, if it wasn't for him, Gobo coundn't get his Uncles's postcards.

Sproket is the Doc's dog. He sometimes sees Gobo as Gobo is trying to retrive his Uncle's postcards but Doc is usually to involved with something to notice.


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